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galaxy's edge

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  1. Price

    ARE KIDDING ME!!?!?!?!?!? THERE JUST GOING TO OPEN UP RISE OF THE RESISTANCE AND NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE FOR THE NEXT THREE OR SO YEARS!?!?!? THATS BULLSH*T!!!!! Disney, You have the money and the resources to do this STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DON’T!!!! Hopefully we’ll see Roaming Droids and Aliens EVENTUALLY rather than allowing this land to just exist unchanged for all eternity, because Galaxy’s Edge NEEDS ENTERTAINMENT!!! Wheres the kinetic energy and stuff that was promised back when GE was announced!?! Galaxy’s Edge needs its own Streetmosphere!!

  2. Greg

    There’s still plenty to do? Go try some blue milk. I can put food coloring in my milk at home. Or a Ronto wrap. Eat. get some provisions at Oga’s Cantina, Drink. Choose your kyber crystal for your custom lightsaber for $200 or even build your own droid for $100. There’s so much to explore at Galaxy’s Edge still. No roaming droids. No Vader. No Yoda. No Boba Fett. No Han, Luke, Leia. No Star Wars.

    1. Mark

      When are you going to wake up thats why you have star tours etc. Batuu is now star wars its time frame is between movies 8-9 read a book will you and figure that out! Your not going to see your precious characters where they do not belong! If you do not like that then do not go! Disney doesn’t care plenty of people are going esp w the new ride open and i was there during the Thanksgiving holidays falcons line was almost backed up to ogas and it was 7pm at night!!!! So people are going & kids are having fun so sorry your not!! Bc guess what you had your star wars this was meant for next generation like my daughter just like the movies!!! We had our star wars!! This is sad and funny you guys bc you call yourselves fans but then you tear everything apart there’s one thing to hold an opinion there’s another to distribute constant hate for something you claim to enjoy!!!

  3. Tim Lewis

    I’m a member of the Robotics Society of Southern California and I have made several robots that can roam around freelee and not run into people and also carry on conversations with people. To be the sounds like something you can’t do I need help on. As for other things the Galaxy’s Edge you need to have more aliens might have aliens walking around finish the Batha ride attraction and eat supper for young people and adults to do why don’t you start up at Jedi Training Academy both for adults and children call allows them to use the lightsabers I have built to duel with our learn how to dual with. To me it’s not fair that the kids can dress up in costumes of the adults can’t $5 technology that would allow you to have any visual on patches that they can wear what you could sell long with the costume that will allow you to be able to differentiate down between them being a guest and your cast members I get it sounds like technology you don’t know how to develop or are you not even thinking along those lines. I offer my services and help to help you develop these Technologies. Again I fix Galaxy’s Edge is really cool and we get the other right open here in California I want to see it but the land needs more than you’ve got it right now and you don’t need to take two or three years it’s about the stuff you already have the stuff on the drawing boards you already have the things planned planned and planned out getting in there as soon as possible.

  4. Betty

    Well, if there is supposedly too much liability to have droids roaming around, Disney should at least have people in aliens costumes. I love Chewbacca, but he is not enough. Just a bunch of regular people roaming around is kind of lame. There should be shows too. There are a good number of platforms, where there are starships (a-wing starfighter) and vehicles, that potentially can have performances, like battles or what not. Also, there could just be more stationary droids, or better yet, animatronic aliens, like a Tauntaun, at the streets. But I think Disney is just being really cheap, and Star Wars land will remain the way it is, like a ghost town.

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