Comments for “Percy Jackson” author Rick Riordan wants Disney to reboot his series

percy jackson

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    Wapiti Frank

    Make it a movie franchise! You won’t. Cowards.

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      Dha-fena Centanni

      That is literally the read it flopped next to that if you make it a series you can put so much more detail in it ( with a movie there are things bound to be left away

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    Disney have to prove that Percy Jackson can
    reach the levels of Harry Potter kr even Better!

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    They also need to get the age right. That fact that they were all 16 and Annabeth didn’t resemble her character at all was an instant turn off and that doesn’t even begin to describe the horrible quality of the movie. I really hope this show happens and it serves Percy Jackson justice.

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      YES!! SO TRUE!!!!!!!

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      I have SO MANY friends that read the Lightning theif and say that it’s BORING!!!!!!! I honestly don’t think they should, because ummm…. I just don’t think they should. I’ll say yes, but only if I’M in it!!!!!!! They also need to make a Heroes of Olympus one if they do that. ALSO A TRIALS OF APOLLO ONE, TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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