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  1. Kelsie

    This is a tough one. If you look at it cut and dry, black and white, then yes, Disgear is in the wrong. It is copyright infringement. However, Disney gets free merchandise ideas that people actually like, and not the typical overpriced low quality crap from China that they put out A LOT. Sometimes I go on shopDisney to try and find something and can’t find a single thing because most of it looks so cheesy and cheap. Disney needs the inspiration from artists everywhere who can bring some creative magical items to the table.

    And let’s say I do buy a tshirt from one of these other companies. It is not taking away from Disney, because I wouldn’t have bought one from Disney anyways. Clearly they didn’t have something I liked, otherwise I wouldn’t have had to look elsewhere. But IT IS giving Disney free advertisement, because I am a walking billboard for them.

  2. Stacy Tucker

    Maybe instead of silencing and taking ideas they could hire the artists or actually license them. They should take a cue on what people like and give small artists a chance.

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