Comments for Disney Cruise Line temporarily closing Port Canaveral terminal in 2020

artist rendering of Disney Cruise Line Cruise Terminal 8

Credit: Canaveral Port Authority


  1. Gordon

    Is that a deliberately misleading headline? You make it sound like Disney is suspending sailings from Cape Canaveral.

  2. Timesaver

    I agree, that was a deliberate headline to mislead people. The shock headlines are starting to lose their grip on many readers and in time will be just like the “boy who cried wolf” tale warns …ignored! A little honesty please!

  3. NENolan

    Wow! So not cool with that deceiving headline. ? Why even use parenthesis when you can just make it clear in the first place?

  4. Mish Mish

    Based on my most recent experience at Port Canaveral with Disney, I am relieved to find out that this long overdue terminal upgrade is in the works!

  5. I read that Disney’s port Canaveral is going to close from June to October. So where do we go to take a cruise

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