Comments for Suit Up! Disney+ looking to cast these roles for “Mighty Ducks” reboot

mighty ducks

Credit: NHL / Disney


  1. Heidi McDonald

    My kids and me live these movies!! Also play lots of hockey!!! My son is 12! This would be sooooo cool!

  2. Sterling Archer

    Really? They’re just going to keep recycling the same movies over and over again? I wonder if they’re going to have a “focus on diversity”, all the while not even considering that hockey is probably the whitest sport on the planet, and kids from the inner city don’t have the money to play it.

  3. April Atwell

    My daughter is 14 and has played hockey since she was 5. She’s played on both coed teams as well as all girls teams. She’s also an actress, having been in 15 theater productions and has IMDB credit. She would love to do this!

  4. Lisa Scholl

    My oldest Grandson has been playing since he was 4 and is now 13 playing Bantam Hockey. He would be honored to showcase his talent.

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