Comments for VIDEO: Guests climb on stage during Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Carousel of Progress

Credit: Disney


  1. Darth Juiced

    Well, based on the scene they were in, the guy was probably on opium.

    Too bad, if he’d just waited for the next scene, he could have totally been jacked on some heroin.

  2. Christy Olivares

    An acquaintance of mine got a text from a CM that was there. Apparently the guy was disabled and wanted to get out of the ride; his family was trying to get him to calm down

    1. LizS

      But why would he go on the stage? The CMs are by the exits, so why wouldn’t he go there?

      1. Christy

        He might be autistic. Their way of reacting is way different depending on the disability.

  3. Harley

    Its again common sense to the parents or people w the guy. The cms say multiple times its a 20 min show you will not exit so exit now even before your inside some cms are good enough to remind you as you coming through the turnstiles. Why didnt they go out the doors yes they would had to evacuate the attraction and e stop or even stop the ride briefly but then he could have gotten help and not escorted out! Theres always waving at the camera too one time the ride stopped and they had to evacuate each room at a time and forgot us in scene 2 and so we got up and waved at the camera like to say we are still here and then they came to get us! I think theres also a cm only used call phone in the cm box again would have gotten in trouble for using it but probably still better than jumping the stage!

  4. Erica Chambers

    If a person is or has a disability or invisible disorder/disease (PTSD, ANXIETY, FIBROMYALGIA, ADD, ADHD, MS, DEPRESSION, EPILEPSY) then the person is NOT in the right state of mind @times or triggers unknown can set them off. Now if they are on drugs or other form of substances then his actions were unexcusable.

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