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disney buys property near magic kingdom


  1. Jeremiah McKenna

    Disney already has a lot of property around DW that hasn’t been developed, so I dont see this as being all that important. It could be that this property came to them at a reasonable price, so it made sense to purchase it now, instead of letting someone else come in and develop it in a way that could be detrimental or negative to the theme park.

    1. ginny rivielle

      agreed. with all the new development going on because of Horizons West, they need to keep a good buffer.

  2. Matt Brewster

    I hope Diz will use some of this property as a buffer, keeping the outside world from ruining what they build in WDW.

  3. Barry Moss

    WDW has a commitment to maintaining a percentage of it’s land for conservation, so sometimes when they want to develop a parcel of land near a theme park or their hotels, they’ll buy up another parcel of unused land and swap them in their conservation land reserve.

    1. Dionette

      A winter wonderland of frozen so Floridians dont have to travel far to see a winter wonderland town with winter rides inside of a big giant globe so many ideas for this a project like this

  4. TONY

    My thoughts, being a baby boomer who grew up with Disneyland, a 90+ mile drive from San Diego. I’ve been happy with the magical kingdom.
    My take on this expansion leads me to suspect that “sports” my be the next feature. Say, NFL for example, several teams have struggled and are caught in cities that have not embraced them, example teams that have been moved. Take my beloved SAN DIEGO Chargers, now residing in a lovely Soccer Stadium that has seating for 25,000 or so. When they were in San Diego for over 50 years (they started in LA in 1960 and lasted one year). Provide an ultra modern domed multi-use facility that would make Jerry Jones blush than if you
    Build it, they will come. The “Bolts” were yanked out of San Diego by greedy owners who wanted to make quick bucks. The move was one of the most nefarious since Baltimore’s ousting the Colts. The game is on a deep level about FANS, Money can be made, but in reality is a secondary issue. Just a thought based on this Fans experience when San Diego lost the Chargers, which crushed hundreds of thousand fans. Qualcomm Stadium was experiencing mostly sold out games prior to the move to LA, granted in non playoff seasons drew in more fans of the opponites. That’s ok, new the end of the San Diego Charger era, I personally observed love and harmony between the Charger and Raider fans. Most told me that they would have been pleases if the Raiders came to San Diego, Raider Nation has issues already regarding showing up in Vegas next season. Vis-a-vis ticket prices, astronomical, gregariously ridiculous. Vegas doesn’t worry about an empty stadium, because the world’s richest folk still love the lure and magic that is Vegas.

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