Comments for Terry Gilliam Calls “Black Panther” utter bulls***; Claims Crew Never Went To Africa

Terry Gilliam Black Panther

Credit: IndieWire/Marvel


  1. I agree with Terry Gilliam. He is a legend and he is white so he is right

    1. Traci

      LOLOLOLOL!!!!! The best!

  2. Nonya

    Ok, boomer

    1. NENolan

      Gilliam was born in 1940.

      1. ImPEACHment Lite

        So Boomer lite?

  3. James

    I just think he’s mad that he has never a movie that has grossed anywhere near a Marvel movie. He says they should be more realistic, has he seen his own movies, nothing realistic about them. Another idiot who, if Marvel asked would probably jump at the chance to do a Marvel movie

    1. Sukey Ru

      When someone uses b***sh*t as an example why something is bad it really nullifies the statement. He needed to give examples and how he would have changed it to make it better. Otherwise he’s just starting fires and hoping someone will throw gas on them.

  4. NENolan

    Boy, he must have really hated all those old movies during his generation then which would have been done in studios with fake backgrounds and sound effects. Besides, how long has this movie been available. Just catching up Terry?

  5. Traci

    “Terry Gilliam, who is known for writing some of the Monty Python films, has suggested that Marvel does a poor job accurately” “depicting reality. Its a freaking superhero movie. Seriously?
    Why oh why does everything have to be meaningful? Can’t it just be entertaining? I don’t need “lessons” every single time I watch something.

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