Comments for BREAKING: Rise of the Resistance breaks down on opening day with large crowds

Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Disney


  1. Bill Cotter

    This is not all that rare. We had issues at the opening of Space Mountain, Big Thunder, and Indiana Jones at Disneyland, and the Matterhorn wasn’t ready at all for its re-opening after a much advertised rehab/upgrade. They’ll get the bugs out.

  2. Dianna

    What time did you get to the park and receive your boarding time?

  3. S

    Not surprised at all for two reasons. First it’s a new attraction and this is going to happen. Second this fact is compounded because it uses a lot of new tech AND they did not run full scale previews to really stress test. Come on, at least have a few preview nights for CMs for this reason alone(besides the fact that it’s a nice and easy perk).

  4. Gaaran

    This isn’t surprising to me at all, given how many things in this ride are new/kind of untested/CERTAINLY untested in the context they’re being presented here. I mean, look at the Hagrid coaster’s rough first weeks.

    …come to think of it have they even gotten that straightened out yet or is it still on gimpy hours?

  5. Harley

    This is not a surprise considering this is first time the ride is running w guests at 100% last wk when i was there they ran a few previews we just missed it for select guests and i am sure for cm training which is the only other way the ride would run…. its sad how people are so quick to complain its the first day everything has its moments… test track goes down almost daily stiil since opening day and takes 2 hrs to restart! And tomorrowland hasnt been running this yr 100% either or when we go its a jinx bc everything goes down together when we are there… tta cofp and buzz are the biggest culprits of this! But this is life and welcome to theme parks 101!

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