Comments for Report suggests Disney has lost $2.7 million because of Baby Yoda

Coronavirus baby yoda merchandise

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Daniel SMITH

    The first thing for me is they need to name the character and quit calling him/her baby Yoda.
    The Character is adorable just give a name already

  2. Matt Brewster

    We should pin all the blame for this fiasco on Bob Chapek- who, for reasons that escape me, is in charge of both the Parks & Resorts division AND Merchandising.

  3. Molly G.

    I need baby Yoda. Where is he? Disney was caught withis pants down. What the hell. Seriously how could they not know people would want that adorableness. Shame disney shame.

  4. Kim

    My only comment is that I think he’s the cutest little baby ever, TBH.

  5. Les

    They may have lost revenue, for now, but it’s just delayed. The surprise has generated extra media attention… gaining extra viewers which would not have been intrigued enough to watch the series – as in my family.

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