SPOILER ALERT: Twitter’s best memes from “The Mandalorian” Chapter 4

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It’s no secret that the Baby Yoda is the new king of the Twittersphere. Memes continue to flood the internet, and each new episode of The Mandalorian gives Twitter more wonderful material to use. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate some quality Baby Yoda Memes inspired from the latest episode of The Mandalorian. 

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I think it’s safe to say that this little guy is not giving up his title as the most adorable creature in the galaxy anytime soon. The combination of subtle sass and pure innocence, and the overall moods portrayed by this little alien are enough to keep the internet infatuated and entertained.

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Not only are the Baby Yoda memes here to stay, but it seems that the soup-drinking meme has replaced Kermit’s tea-drinking meme. Also, when was the last time someone saw a Baby Groot meme that didn’t involve Baby Yoda?

Summary: The Mandalorian: “Chapter 4: Sanctuary” takes “Mando” and “Baby Yoda” to the planet Sorgan as they continue their run away from “The Guild.” Soon after landing, “Mando” encounters another bounty hunter named Cara: An ex-soldier for The Rebellion laying low. Seeing the planet already taken, The Mandalorian is about to leave when villagers talk him and Cara into defending their village from raiders. Without giving much else away, the two rogues soon realize they bit off more than they could chew. Guilty conscious keeps them around, and they successfully lead the villagers in a battle.

It seems like the perfect place for “Mando” to leave “Baby Yoda,” but harsh reality comes back to The Mandalorian. Bounty hunters are going to keep looking for “The Kid.” So, to keep the villager out of harm’s way, the duo pack up and head back for their ship. The next episode of The Mandalorian airs on Disney+ this Friday, December 6.

For those who made it all the way to the end, here’s the most ridiculous “clean” Baby Yoda meme I could find. Sound on.

What do you think of The Mandalorian so far? What’s your favorite Baby Yoda meme? Let us know in the comments!

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