“Mandalorian” fans: A Baby Yoda Funko POP! is coming soon!

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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

If we’re being honest with ourselves, Disney has scrambled a bit so far to get Baby Yoda merchandise to market, it seems that they just didn’t anticipate how much of an icon the young one would become when The Mandalorian launched. So far we’ve had the same image of Baby Yoda replicated across a range of merchandise including t-shirts, phone cases and mugs but it looks like all of that is about to change, at least if a leak spotted on Target is anything to go on.

If the leaked image is real, we are in for a real treat and perhaps the first bit of Baby Yoda merchandise that fans are going to be queuing to purchase:

Baby Yoda Pop Funko
Credit: DisFunko/Target

It looks as if we are going to get two variations of a Baby Yoda Funko POP!: the standard 6-inch priced at $8.99 and a larger 10-inch version that will retail for $29.99.

All we know at the minute is that the figure was spotted in an internal system at Target and leaked onto Reddit so there’s a lot of rumors flying around that this will become a Target exclusive. If that is the case then fingers crossed Funko partner with international retailers outside of America so that this amazing Pop! can make its way into fans hands across the globe! As soon as we see something more concrete on the sale of this figure we will, of course, let you know!

This is certainly the best “official” Baby Yoda merchandise we have seen so far but it’s almost certainly not going to be the last. Expect Disney to be working behind the scenes at creating more intricate and appealing merchandise for Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian, particularly since we know it’s already been renewed for a season two.

The Mandalorian has been one of the best things we have seen produced around the Star Wars franchise so the more merchandise they release, the better.

Will you be purchasing the Baby Yoda Funko POP! figurine? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: What’s On Disney+

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