Comments for “Aladdin” star Mena Massoud hasn’t gotten an audition since film debuted


Credit: Disney


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    Could be worse: at least he’ll get the Aladdin sequel their going to make.

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    Darth Overgrown

    My lawn needs mowing. I’m holding open auditions at 7am with my lawn mower.

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      How much experience is required? What’s the pay?

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    Lawrence D Weisberg

    Time for a new Agent.

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      I was just about to say that or a new manager… thats what performers do they rather complain then be persistent enough to fix the problem- like i played prince ali thats nice kid but… ok well then its disney fault i can not get hired! No its yours or your management team thats giving up and finding blame! And its not like the movie completely bombed and yet those celebs still find jobs!

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