Comments for Captain Marvel comes in as the most mistake-filled movie of 2019

Captain Marvel

Credit: Marvel


  1. Harley

    I dont even know what mistakes are been spoken about its still a cool movie! I think every movie has issues but people still enjoy watching em look at hp full of plot holes but they are still enjoyable to read the books and watch the movies. And some just make the mistake of being smarter for its own good but then again thats what makes a great scifi movie! Its to each his own but i doubt anyone is making lists of mistakes unless the movie is god aweful and can not be forgiven and i do not think marvel is one of em.

  2. Bob

    Oh look, a woke female writer blaming men hating ‘strong women’for the backlash against the film, and not Brie Larsons anti-male garbage or the woke messaging of the film or the plot mistakes, nope, its mens fault.

  3. TimG

    What “no smile” describes how joyless the movie was.

  4. Jennifer

    I’m so sick of the word “troll”. If someone doesn’t agree with your OPINION, that doesn’t make them wrong or a “troll”.
    An opinion isn’t facts.

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