Comments for “X-Men” films are coming to Disney+ in certain markets

hugh jackman as wolverine in x-men 2000

Credit: 20th Century Studios


  1. Chris Carrick

    Hell yes id love to see the x men films on disney plus, who wouldnt? It shouldn’t be just for anyone in particular, everyone who is a subscriber should be able to watch

  2. April

    Yes I would like the X-Men movies on Disney plus in the United States of America.

    1. Norma Paredes

      I would really like to have the X-Men movies. I really enjoyed them on regular TV but would prefer to see them on Disney+.

  3. Gc

    I joined Disney plus so that all of my favorite programs would be in the same place. X-men included. I really hope they bring at least Dark Phoenix, or I’m out…

  4. Morgan

    Yes please!!! X-Men is my favorite!!

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