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caroline farrow disney protest

Credit: Christian Concern/Youtube


  1. Matt

    Thank goodness she isn’t able to visit the parks for awhile…

    A kid is either gay, or they are not… Seeing a rainbow Mickey Sipper Cup or rainbow colored cookie is not going to shift the scales of their sexual identity in any way. If the items are removed, and Gay Days banned from the parks, it will negatively affect the kids who are LGBT or questioning. Kids need to see positive imagery of who they are in the world. Seeing happy functioning LGBT adults in the parks would have been amazing for me to see as a kid growing up, because I didn’t know what it would look like to be a gay functioning adult from the media that existed in my day.

  2. Jay

    IDIOT lol The CEO’s Office is in LA not Orlando lol

  3. Paul Alter

    Ms. Farrow has a small mind, after all. She’s got a small mind, after all. She’s got a small mind, after all. It’s a small, small mind.

    1. Melanie Durham

      ???? I love this! And yes, she has a small small mind!

  4. Barbara Catron

    Get a life and stay out of other people’s business!

  5. Is this the way the world is coming too??
    I read somewhere else her group is christian and saying there doing the right thing they were taught hmmm ….
    last time i checked i was taught to love one another no matter what!? And alot of what disney is doing is the same theres nothing but love in their characters etc. The last time i checked the rainbow also stood for unity! Bc no matter what race religion etc we should stand together as we are all only human!
    Sadly i cant tell you how many in the community which i am part of w being both very religous and faithful plus out and proud bc of crazies like this whom put hate in the world!
    Even the Pope has our back!
    Its just sad honestly but good for Disney and everyone whom stopped her!

  6. Alan

    I thought only Americans were this ignorant. She needs to understand that being gay is not a choice and it’s impossible to indoctrinate a child into being gay.

  7. Dré

    This again? Who does she think is running the place? She doesn’t deserve the press coverage.

    1. Heather

      Forewarned is forearmed. Not sure if the 500k signatures are authentic, but knowing there’s still a bunch of seething people with an axe to grind makes it clear ‘fighting the good fight’ is not over yet 🙁
      Unfortunately groups like this need to remain on the radar so normal society can protect our children from THEM.

  8. Donald Task

    Yeah well Transgenderism is a mental disorder + sexual fetish all wrapped into one. Why are is there 1 girl dressed as a guy to 2,000+ fat white guys dressed as women?

    It’s total insanity, stop trying to normalize this mental illness.

  9. Elizabeth

    First, kudos to writer! Wish our MSM “journalists” would learn to simply report news as you have, leaving interpretation and political opinions to the readers!
    Regardless of our stance, we should all be outraged that anyone’s voice was under handedly silenced. We are a country of free speech, and everyone has a right to peacefully voice his or her opinion. It is obvious who is intolerant and hateful when you are hating on a person or group for wanting to peacefully Express their point of view, especially using their own finances and time rather than tax payer $.
    And, to those who don’t believe this is an indoctrination effort to normalize this lifestyle, think again. How.many heterosexual and “traditional family” days and parades do you see? People plan this LGBT events to try to be heard and seen and try to force others to accept their lifestyle. Those who aren’t of that mentality are just living life and enjoying their relationships without trying to shout it from the rooftops and force others to accept their choices.
    And just because someone disagrees with that lifestyle doesn’t mean they hate. It’s actually out of love that you try to protect people from something you believe is wrong and dangerous. While you may disagree that the lifestyle is damaging, I hope you can see that the other point of view is out of concern and sadness for those they believe are misled and most often have been abused or traumatized in some form.

    1. Steve-o

      She’s stating her opinion just fine from where I’m sitting. Where do you think her right to free speech was impeded?
      And please, no more of this “you don’t see so and so holding a parade” crap. It’s so stupid. No one preaches to you and tries to tell you your lifestyle is abhorrent or you’re being misled. You haven’t had to force people to accept your way of living or thinking, and more importantly, your life has never been threatened for being straight. You’ve never had laws placed against you for being straight. The point is they have to do this in order to keep hateful acts from happening. You sound like the kind of person that says “well, if they hadn’t accepted that lifestyle this wouldn’t have happened” when 50 people are murdered at a bar for living a lifestyle one hateful lunatic disagreed with. So yes, your opinion does breed hate, and no one asked for your pity. Sounds like if you want to ‘save’ someone you may want to start with a mirror.

  10. Steve-O

    If you can’t see the difference between the first group and the second….well, maybe you should be checked for a mental disorder.

  11. Rich A

    Walt would be turning over in his grave with this stuff. Kids are sponges that soak up everything around them and will “assume” personas if they think it will make them liked or stand out without realizing the repercussions of their actions. That’s why you have “parents” announcing they’re letting their children as young as 5 identify as some gender class
    when they have no clue what it means.

  12. This is a developing story that we will update as more information regarding Farrow’s case becomes available in OGYOUTUBE

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