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Walt Disney World railroad

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    I truly hope this is true i love the RR and it is needed esp if your in frointerland and could use a quicker way around the bend.

  2. Nick

    They weren’t testing it… on certain mornings they have the Magic Behind the Steam Trains tour where it picks up the tour from the Storybook station and takes them backstage where they perform maintenance. Please look into things before you make up rumors like this.

    1. Mark

      Actually its not made up i saw it the other day when i was in frointerland i only know bc i was waiting to get off splash heard the train and looked up and saw it going overhead. Wondering the same as the article. Btw its not spreading rumors sometimes these people on itm just write articles they think the guest would appreciate. Besides wdw themselves at the beginning before close said they might test this once tron was further along.

  3. JB

    The trains are not running, even backwards. There is too much work that needs to be done refurbishing the tracks. It will not run until sometime in 2021. The only time a train moves in Magic Kingdom is when the Steam tour is pulling in and out of Fantasyland.

    1. Sealed

      The track has already been refurbished. The only part left is the part affected by Tron.

  4. Matt Brewster

    Back in the early 90s, during construction of Splash Mtn, they were running the trains backwards from MS to Toontown’s station before returning in regular mode, so this latest move isn’t unprecedented.

    1. Mamon

      The tour has been suspended indefinitely due to the ongoing construction of Tron and work that needs to be done on the railroad. I was on the last tour Oct. 31st. So the trains running in reverse couldn’t have been for the tour. I really do hope they decide to partially reopen the railroad by shuttling back and forth between stations. This is how the railroad operated for one year beginning in November 1990 until late in 1991 when development of Splash Mountain began.

  5. be a train draver

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