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universal guest denied entry

Credit: Vincent Champion / Universal


  1. Darth Eh

    So out of the millions of people who frequent Universal Theme Parks, one guest feels wrong and won’t return. That’s a hundred-twenty bucks admission they won’t be making anymore.

    On the other hand, for a hundred-twenty bucks, Universal got some free press and the word out to guests to please not wear any shirt that could accidentally be confused for an active authority figure.

    And this poor guy will probably never go to the park again, until he feels he really wants to, and then he’ll go, but will make sure not to wear a shirt that might cause a problem again.

    And the rest of us, twenty-two days after it happened, get an article that goes viral that can get us all outraged, because, y’know– police officer topic.

    Well, seems to me, at this point, problem solved for everybody. And after all, who doesn’t enjoy a good fleeting outrage?

    Now excuse me while I go check my Twitter feed to see what else I can get upset about.

  2. S Fernandez

    I love Universal and am one of the biggest HP fans. With that being said, they have definitely lost all of my respect and a lot of my business. I am a young retired officer due to an attack that left me disabled. This person put their life on the line for 22 years and they are treating him like a smuggler or felon. There is no way that shirt “could cause confusion” . It’s not like he had any type of badge and retired is clearly the first word you see. What a bunch of petty power hungry idiots. Shame on you Universal.

    1. Worst nightmare

      that chair must really add to the butt hurt, it’s a business policy as active security are already present. It’s nice to see cops taken down a notch

      1. Nobody

        Hope when you need one they don’t come because they’ve been taken down a bit. Talk about butt hurt. Pitiful comment.

    2. Steve

      Why would you want to go walking around a theme park with a retired police officer shirt? You and seen that guy probably were the type of cops that abused the badge.

      1. Juniedai

        You said it right there! Just look up a Nordstrom’s incident Indianapolis

  3. Darth Eh

    There we go! Live the outrage.

    Thanks, S Fernandez.

    Now back to my Twitter feed.

  4. Nobody

    Your mama must be so proud. Now back to your whitless feed.

  5. Jeromie D Hartsough

    Guy must have never been on patrol is this if the worst he’s ever been treated.

    Unfortunately in modern America your 15 minutes of fame come as victimization.

  6. Jose

    I have seen far more objectionable shirts at the park than retired police officer. I am not retired military, but those of my brothers who stuck it ot for 20+ years deserve to wear a shirt like that proudly. Don’t hate.

    1. FaithfulFriend

      I totally agree! Take care and happy holidays!

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