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Mandalorian spinoff series

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  1. Paul R Davis

    I am so tired of the there wasn’t a Female lead in the first episode bit. But isn’t the blacksmith and leader of his sect a WOMAN or is that a man with a High voice

  2. Carter

    How is that even an issue? The only people who care about the lack of women in a minimalist show like this are people who are more concerned about their agendas than they are about having a good story. That kind of thinking is what have us the last Jedi. She deserves all the feedback she got bc she completely overlooked everything else the Mandolorian gave us. Including a female mando that’s clearly in charge of the clan. It’s ignorant and tiresome. The Mandolorian is going to include more females in the cast anyway. Who cares if they aren’t here now?

  3. JCPNW

    If there were a legit problem here then it would be welcome. But this is creating a problem where there isn’t one. Frankly I’m surprised this person would bother watching the Mandalorian. The feminist types don’t generally gravitate to movies with guns, bounty hunting and the like. A woman who was into those things probably could care less that so and so is a man or woman. By the way, as said above, the leader of the Mandalores is ….Female! She just has the Mandalorian helmet on but let’s skip all these facts right?

    1. M

      Wow what a myopic thing to say. I am a feminist and have always enjoyed war movies and stuff like reservoir dogs and bro shows like say, red dwarf. I think female representation is very important in many productions but one can have a show that focuses mainly on one sex or the other. I honestly didn’t even notice the lack of women in Mandalorian but it’s a fact … There like one or two. The reason it is problematic is that star wars as a world or universe does have women in it but they are relegated to the shadows. Kind of like oppressive countries who cover up and hide women. Males seem to be much more comfortable in a mostly male world around them. Like they just don’t want to be reminded of the other half of the population. Nice fantasy but it isn’t factual. If the Mandalorian had been established to live in a very gay all male society then I would not expect many women around. With a main male population you then will have more gay males unless you make most of your male population asexual or abstinent. It follows naturally that lacking women, males have sex with each other. So would you like a world dominated by males? It sure uncovers deep seated desires in the male and his equally deep seated distrust of the female counterpart. Males crave the company of other males in all things sexual and not.

      1. Tom

        I just stumbled upon your comment and… wow!

        “The reason it is problematic is that star wars as a world or universe does have women in it but they are relegated to the shadows.”

        Absolutely not. Never was.

        Original trilogy:
        – Princess Leia, literally introduced at the 5 minute mark in the first movie. Seen some minutes later confronting villains. Is a leader of the rebel alliance, is brave (braver than some male characters)…
        – Mon Mothma, is not seen very long on screen, but is shown to be leader, a military leader for the rebel alliance.

        – Amidala, is literally a queen, who’s not afraid of the invaders, who wants to protect her people at all costs. Later a senator (important political status). After she was captured, managed to get out on her own, participated in a war the moment after her escape.

        New trilogy:
        – Rey, is literally the main character. Survived in her own on an inhospitable planet after a trauma. Strong in the force. Resisted interrogation, fought a trained killer and won.
        – Maz Kanata, the pivot point of the movie she’s in. Wise, convinced Rey she’s special.
        – Leia, equal to herself.
        – Rose’s sister, gave up her own life to save the entire Resistance.

        – Ahsoka Tano, one of the main character of the series she’s in. Jedi apprentice, can fight (I can’t say much about her, I didn’t watched the series)
        – Jyn Erso, literally the main character of the movie she’s in. Strong. Is the one to accomplish the movie’s goal. Gave up her own life so what she believe in can happen.
        – And I’m sure they’re plenty more, but I didn’t watched everything, so I can really tell.

        The image of women in Star Wars really doesn’t need to be treated any further.
        And when it is, it is badly done, we saw what it did.
        Females characters are great! And they’re present! They just need (like any characters) to be well written.

        How can one be so blind?

      2. Elizabeth

        I don’t even know how to respond to that!

    2. M

      The feminist types. Mansplaining there with great fail. I saw Reservoir Dogs 11 times in one week and I am a feminist. What are you smoking anyway. You have no insight or right to tell feminists what to like or think or enjoy.

      1. lorenzo

        Can you explain what being a “feminist” is on a daily basis? I mean what does it entail when you go to the grocery store, the mall..etc..

        In this day of not labeling…you sure are proud of your label.

      2. David

        He just explained why you are pointing your finger at the wrong franchise. No woman in the franchise is sidelined. Literally they are forerunners in Star Wars. Also if you think there is less, what about alien species. I think they don’t get enough spotlight. So with the attitude that the world revolves around you, and we are wrong even if we give proof. This is why people get so annoyed with your agenda. Also him replying is not mansplaining. Especially if you started by replying to his comment. Just, saying…

  4. Andre D

    There is a woman prominently showcased in the promotional material. She haven’t been introduced yet, but she looks to hold a substantial role. Looking forward to see what she brings to the story.

  5. Steve

    The toxic fans make me sick. It’s just gross. That being said, this feels a bit like the reviewer may be doing this on purpose to get a reaction, specifically from them. There weren’t a lot of speaking roles and one of the coolest was a female, and there clearly is a main female character coming, as she is in most of the promotional material. There *has* been a lack of non-white males in TV and movies( and The Mandalorian is a very diverse cast), but not every piece of entertainment has to be all things to all people.

  6. Christopher Buser

    I think that if you’re going to be a critic, you’re going to have people make critical commentary of their own on your critique.

    I think that when someone says “I’m allowed to critique this. You’re not allowed to critique my critique.” that someone loses all credibility.

    And I think that the Internet will be a better place when people stop trying to out-woke each other.

  7. Jennifer Gaines

    I am a female and I loved The Mandalorian. I don’t care if a movie/series has all males or all females. I like a good story, and I don’t need to feel “represented” in order to enjoy one.

    1. Faithful Friend

      Exactly! Diversity is good, but it doesn’t need to be included in every story, otherwise it’ll look forced or fake.

    2. Richie Valence

      That’s you! I stopped watching Marvel and DC movies until they actually start making me feel like my money is appreciated. Where are the Hispanic heroes? Why must Hispanics be regulated to caricatures/tropes? Not all Hispanics speak gangsterish or have an accent.. So until they give me a hero that represents me like Miguel O’ Hara or Sam Alexander I’m not watching anymore of them.

      1. Richie Valens

        Damn Google autocorrect.

  8. Logic

    Headline is misleading. a show does not need to be feminist at all to have women represented. The point being factually that the show did not have more than one or two women in it so far. Since when is stating a fact offensive. all these triggered sensitive males crying and whining and getting all emotional. You’re supposed to be the logical ones but you are all emo. Anita says hey there’s no women in this and the males fall apart moaning about feminists. Illogical.

    1. lorenzo

      “You’re supposed to be the logical ones but you are all emo. ”

      So we are “supposed” to be logical…based on what?

      Oh..I get it…your narrow mind.

      Case closed.

  9. Sfern

    I think everything is ENTIRELY too PC. People can’t enjoy a story anymore if it doesnt have a certain amount of male and female characters, or enough characters of another race, or include LGBTQ characters. I support all of those groups but movies and shows are a work of art, which we can no longer enjoy anymore because people get “offended”. Its absolutely ridiculous. Like my daughter can no longer say the word Christmas in school or have a Christmas celebration. They sing songs from around the world instead. Ok, so you included other groups but now completely exclude people who celebrate Christmas all together.

    1. Faithful Friend


    2. Elizabeth

      That’s the goal of the extreme left, destroy our culture.

  10. Elizabeth

    Well, the Star Wars world is a long long time ago in a galaxy far away. It stands to reason they aren’t as ‘woke’ as the self righteous extremists of our modern world. I look for a good story. Period.

  11. Heather

    I wish people would realize how the US and other areas are being manipulated to outrage and everything is becoming an impulsive political arena al a Fox/CNN.
    Only we can stop adversary and profiteer groups from playing us. Don’t engage. Find a middle ground, it’s there and it’s bigger than we think.

  12. Amanda

    Well maybe, It just wasn’t made for her.?

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