How much are you really paying for Disney+ and all your other subscriptions?

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Unless you’ve been offline for the past few months, you’re probably among the millions, 10 Million+ to be exact, of Disney fans enjoying Disney’s new online streaming service, Disney+.

Disney+ launched this week to thousands of eager viewers. Not without some hiccups, as to be expected with a brand-new service. Regardless, fans agree, Disney+ is already a win! The service is jam-packed with countless new and classic titles available to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere; as long as you have a device with internet access.

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Disney+’s library is nothing to sneeze at. They’ve delighted fans by releasing titles that had been in Disney’s Vault for years. Furthermore, there is a myriad of new and original shows and movies that we’re all excited to explore.

However, not all popular TV shows and Movies live in Disney+. So, users probably added the service to several other subscriptions they already had. Popular services that might include Netflix, Hulu, HBO, among others.

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So, how much is all this entertainment costing?

Currently, the prices for the most used streaming platforms are:

  • Netflix $12.99
  • Disney+ $70 a year
  • Hulu with no ads $11.99
  • HBO $14.99

Here’s an example of MarketWatch’s Streaming Service calculator giving us the total “true” cost for multiple services:

“Take someone paying for Netflix’s NFLX, +2.24% standard subscription and Hulu, with no add-ons. That person is looking at a monthly bill of $18.98, and a lifetime cost of $19,264. Factor in the opportunity cost of how much money could have been made investing in the S&P 500 all those years, and the lifetime cost balloons to $87,656.

Now tack on Disney+ and you’re looking at $25.97 per month, $26,358 over a lifetime and a “true” lifetime cost of $119,938.”

MarketWatch’s Streaming Service calculator
Credit: MarketWatch

That’s a lot of hard-earned dollars in entertainment! And these totals don’t account for any additional streaming services or devices families might be paying for in addition to the ones mentioned.

The MarketWatch calculator uses a complex formula to come up with these numbers. They explain: “Our calculator adds up the costs over 50 years, plus factors in opportunity cost to get at the “true” cost, or not just how much you spent but how much money you lost out on by not investing in the stock market.” So, it’s not simply adding the cost, but really looking at a broader potential growth opportunity in your finances.

Click this link for the MarketWatch streaming service cost calculator. 

If this calculator is too complex for your budgeting needs, we found a simpler version from Their calculator will simply add all your streaming services for a total basic monthly cost. Find the calculator by clicking this link.

Are you curious how much all these services are costing you? Will you be getting rid of any services so you can add Disney+ or simply adding it to what you already pay for? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Source: MarketWatch

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