Comments for The Complete Guide to Rope Drop at the Walt Disney World Resort


  1. Michael

    I go in the opposite direction whenever I rope drop. Magic Kingdom? I go to Frontierland since everybody goes to Mine Train or Tomorrowland. I go to Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom is usually the Safari or Everest. Then my path around the park usually travels against everybody else and I don’t have as long of a wait at the attractions. I also usually save my must-do attraction for last, as you are allowed to ride as long as you are in line before park closing (i.e. 1-2 minutes before), with a much shorter wait time to boot because the lines, fastpass included, are now closed.

    1. I completely agree! If you’ll be at the parks when they close getting in line for something at the end of the night is always a good idea. I always try to wait out the crowds getting on the monorail or bus anyway, so if you’re going to be there you might as well spend that time on a ride!

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