Comments for WTD when you stay at a Monorail Hotel and the Monorail Breaks Down

Monorail stalls

Credit: Click Orlando


  1. Kimmy

    Hey TJ,

    The boat dock at the Contemporary only goes to Wilderness Lodge and Ft. Wilderness. If you were to take a boat to Magic Kingdom from Contemporary you would have to disembark at either resort and transfer to a different boat route.

  2. Matt Brewster

    When I lived in Orlando(1995 to 2009) I visited WDW ever weekend, and rode the monos frequently. The only real problem I encountered with the Mark VI trains was a very strong and annoying odor that resembled horse manure. One other thing that bothered me was how the trains and platforms were not level with each other. You had to take a big step to enter or exit. Bombardier should have designed them with proper train doors, instead of BUS DOORS!

  3. Mickey

    Anytime a monorail goes down they start running a bus that mimics the downed monorail line.

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