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The Little Mermaid Live movie cover

Credit: ABC


  1. I thought it was great, though I do agree with the bit about Flounder – it looked like they stole a Marlon puppet from Nemo and painted it. Also noticed Shaggy’s lack of claws, but it didn’t bother me.

    I love that they added some songs from the Broadway version and thought all the performers were wonderful! It was cool to see Jody Benson too.

  2. Denise Hallett

    Ariel and Sebastian were not theatre singers….pop and rap, sure, but their voices were not conducive to a good live theatre performance. Latifa was great, but why did they rush through her big number? Commercials? And Flounder…smh

    1. Colleen

      I said the exact same thing about Sebastian! Looked like Eddie Murphy! And the addition of the claws was not the problem! The whole outfit was the problem!

  3. Harley

    Anything is better than the awful heeley loving musical or VOLM at dhs! This was a great combo of everything and they fixed so many flaws. I wish they just let this be the live version and moved on bc whats the live remake going to do???

    1. Mark

      The ratings put it in the middle grouping of the live musicals so i say thats good too bc it wasnt 100% a live musical but the broadway sites agree it did good staying amongst the middle of the pack of all the live musicals!

  4. TimGee

    Terrible show. The animated scenes should not have aired. It was so boring for so long. Instead, an abbreviated musical play should have been performed live. Or it should have been performed as a live concert performance with staging. They completely blew it. It drowned in a ocean of missed opportunity.

    1. StanP

      Agree it was pretty horrible. The show couldn’t decide what it wanted to be, other than bad.

      1. Jackie

        You obviously never saw the musical w heeleys! That was an insult to broadway this was cool! Nor was this supose to be live musicals like the others this was supose to be what you saw as it was a anniversary of the movie !!!!

  5. TF

    We thought it was really cute and funny! Loved Stamos throwing pasta & the Queen as Ursula! We enjoyed it! Thanks for a fun show!

  6. Matt Brewster

    I expected a mess, but I was quite pleasantly surprised and impressed. However, the opening dance sequence ran too long, some of the dialogue was hard to hear and, worst of all, WHERE WERE SEBASTIAN’S CLAWS??!!

  7. Melanie Durham

    Oh my goodness, so much negativity as usual!
    I thought it was a nice rendition! I loved the music, John Stamos, Ursula, Shaggy, I loved everything single thing about it! I’d really like to see each and every one of you try to put on a stellar production!

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