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Frozen 2 Kristoff

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  1. Nima

    Hi I just like to tell u my opinion about the relationship between Kristoff and Anna! unlike many previous Disney’s cartoons, there wasnt a prince charming in this fairy tale! in fact, like Aladdin cartoon well since it was according to a very old story, i dont want to talk about here too much, (just to say it wasnt an original Disney character), while Kristoff was also a simple peasant who didnt have anything in his life except his pet! he was so lucky to meet Anna a girl who is much better than him in many aspects! so imo Kristoff was so disparate to stay with Anna the princess! a guy who cant stay in a noble style for more than one hour or enjoy eating his nose taking! some people suggest he has true love! wth? he could get everything by being with Anna! even the love expert! trolls mentioned that she was perfect for him! u noticed even in Frozen 2, he didnt care about her gf’s worried just thinking about shifting his relationship to engagement part asap! :/ even his first motive to help Anna at Frozen 1 was getting a new sled from her! he is the weakest character imo among of other male Disney’s heros! u can just remember the guy in tangled or in sleeping beauty and even beast at the beuaty and teh beast cartoon! they had much true love by sacrificing themselves for their loves! even though i know Frozen’s fans love Kristoff, but he is such a regrettable character in this movie!

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