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Dwayne Johnson on jungle cruise

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  1. Michael

    I have been to the “Jungle Cruise” at W.D.W, Hong Kong and this month at Anaheim. I love them all. And yes we will see the influence of this move in the ride just like we did with the pirates of the Caribbean. Remember “keep moving forward”!

    1. Mark

      Yea except those changes from a park person perspective kills the ride. Your average tourist doesnt care but the people whom love the parks and where the real money comes from will know and it wont be as fun! I hate pirates its not the same and forget the tragic accident the interactive queue is at wdw hm let alone it screws up the stories walt created and had no intention to change. Thats why we have kids like epcot that park though i hate to admit it was the keep movin forward park while mk was going to be the vintage standard! No one wants to see jungle cruise the movie after the other disasters honestly… i cant blame them either!

  2. I don’t mind changes or updates to a ride, but this will depend if the film is a success. I don’t think it will be. If it flops, the ride should still be the same.

  3. John

    Hopefully, they won’t change. but with the continuing of IP’s taking over, we can only hope that they will not change.

    1. Jackie

      Yea look at what happen to rivers! That use to be a such a beautiful artistic show N now the movies add have ruined it. I mean they call it we are one N now the song is half gone you do not get the whole pt to the show! I heard that w the success of the magical menagine they might add that and bring the original show back which i will take vs the ips that ruin everything! I am fearing for harmoniUS! I love the movies do not get me wrong but they have their place in the movies not in parks sorry i am a park person and i think its a problem… esp here where all the park movies bombed!

      1. Harley

        Amen sister i am agreeing with ya in fear of harmoniUS considering like you pointed out how much ips killed rivers… i do not know how the concept of original illuminations and ips will work collectively… i think jungle will loose its vintage which is i agree w mark above is what mk is the disney dream come true where epcot was to change and stuidos dak were the etc parks!

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