Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure attraction to get major overhaul in 2020

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Indiana Jones

Credit: Disney

The Indiana Jones Adventure attraction at Disneyland is expected to undergo major renovations in the coming year. For almost 25 years, tourists have boarded troop transports to take a journey through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, now renovators will do the same.

City records found that Disney filed for a building permit with the city of Anaheim and Disney confirmed it was in order to refurbish the fan-favorite dark-ride in Adventureland. Some of the expected repairs include replacement of a plank bridge and rock formations.

The thrill ride takes you along with Indiana Jones on his latest adventure, deep into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Everything seems like a normal archeology expedition…until someone looks directly into the Forbidden Eye. From there, your transport carries you through the site. Traverse over a pit of molten lava via a suspension bridge on the verge of collapsing, crawl through beds of spiders and snakes, and zip past poison darts and over booby traps.

indiana jones adventure
Credit: Disney

Opened in 1995, The Indiana Jones Adventure will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary as a fan-favorite Disneyland attraction. In his book, One Little Spark, the late great Imagineer Marty Sklar noted the ride as worthy of a Mousecar for its immersive experience (the book was published in 2015). It boasts the same vehicles that are used as time machines for Dinosaur at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in Walt Disney World in Florida.

Indiana Jones Adventure received its last series of renovations in 2014, and there is no word yet on whether the renovations will take place before or after the dark ride’s anniversary. This story also comes on the heels of other Adventureland news as Tarzan’s Treehouse was closed and reopened earlier this month. Snow White‘s Scary Adventure in Fantasyland is also expected to receive some renovations in 2020.

What do you think about the Indiana Jones Adventure? Do you think it’s overdue for some renovation? What about it would you like to see changed? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Orange County Register

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