Comments for High-Speed Train Connecting Orlando and Miami Set to Open in 2022


  1. HJ

    Great project…much needed in this corridor. What’s the cost of this project? Who is funding it? What portion is coming from State and County budgets and it’s impact on taxpayers.? What are the projected revenues from this service? What would be typical fares and how competitive is that from other modes of transportation? At Avg 125mph speeds how long would it take from Orlando to Miami with stops? And how does it compare against other high speed trains in China and Europe?

    1. Thomas Stidman

      They haven’t announced the price yet. It would be about 3-3.5 hours between Miami and Orlando. It is slower than typical Chinese and European trains. China and Europe go over 180 MPH on their high speed services. All of the money from this project will be a private investment. I am expecting it to be more expensive than Amtrak between the two cities.

      1. Bernadette Cunningham

        I think that’s a great project, but there are people who live further north who also travel to Orlando and as far as Miami, why doesn’t the train go further north. Ocala has a beautiful station that isn’t being used.

        1. Roz Martin

          Tourism. I lived in Ocala /Dunnellon. Beautiful country. Horses and cattle back then. But fewer tourists than the Gold Coast.

    2. Jason

      I think it’s smart.

  2. joshua

    it will make the royal tour a lot easer with the train ride all the way there and back! amazing idea!!! we will put it in our list! i will talk to my team to see if they agree to do it!

  3. Munchkin

    Only purpose I see is for Disney. Since I never go there, I see no point. Let Disney pay for it. To me it is just another way for Disney to take over and ruin more of Florida. I am so done with Disney.

  4. Melanie Durham

    What about our coast on the west? Like Tampa? I thought they were going to have it come to us as well?!

  5. Gail Meaden

    Should be additional stops on the East Coast. Why do we have to have the negative effects of these night speed trains with absolutely no positives. How about stops in Coco and Melbourne (where there is also a vibrant, expanding airport). In fact TUI from UK will be flying into MLB within the next 3 years.

  6. Josh

    Great article but… impeccable safety record?! Where the hell did you get that information from??

    Steep reach to say the least…

    “No rail line serving South Florida or anywhere else has had the number of deaths that Brightline faced in such a short period of time, according to a recent analysis conducted by The Associated Press. Since 2017, more than 40 people were killed — a rate of more than one a month, or the worst per-mile death rate of the nation’s 821 railroads, the AP said, citing data from the Federal Railroad Administration.
    Brightline, which serves the downtowns of Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami, has been dogged by deaths from collisions between people and its locomotives since the company started testing its trains in 2017.”

    – Sun Sentinel

  7. Ron

    Fort Lauderdale is also major hubs for JetBlue and Spirit airlines

  8. Ron

    Fort Lauderdale is also major hubs for Spirit and JetBlue.

  9. Am I the only one that feels 3-3.5 hr train rides isn’t fast? I’m basing that on a comment. It takes less than that from West Palm Beach to Disney now on the turnpike.

  10. M

    It can’t be 3-3.5 hours from Miami to Orlando. That’s the same or more than driving. If it’s 125 MPH it should be more like 1.5-2 hours???

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