Comments for Till death do us part: A Haunted Mansion proposal becomes a dream come true

Haunted Mansion disney Proposal Kelly Coffey

Credit: Disney PhotoPass/Kelly Coffey ITM


  1. Harley

    So happy for these foolish mortals i hope they live happily ever after in life and death (sorry this mansion ghost got carried away)!
    This put a tear to my eye such a great story ty for sharing!
    And a bravo to the cms on a magical job well done bc they all dont get enough credit sometimes.

    1. Jackie

      Harley your apparently commenting and not reading again bc you didnt know this was kelleys story! Read before comment or dont comment at all!
      Btw kelly congrats!

  2. London

    Funny enough I was there for your proposal! I worked Haunted Mansion for a long time and helped with many proposals. I remember this because I was on vacation visiting friends still working there and heard a bunch of cheers and said, “Alright who got engaged?” And looked over and saw you guys. Congrats on the engagement! If my future husband doesn’t propose to me at the Haunted Mansion, I’m going to say no lol

  3. Melanie Durham

    Congratulations! It made my shed a tear! Just beautiful!

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