Frozen 2 Happy Meal Toys Are Here! Star Wars Toys to Follow.

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Frozen 2 Happy Meal

In case you haven’t heard yet, Frozen II Happy Meal toys are finally at McDonald’s, and we are lovin’ it!

Frozen 2 Happy Meal toys

The collection includes nine different toys. Our favorite characters Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa, are joined by Luitenant Matthias and three other new characters we are bound to meet in the film, and they each stand on either an icy or rocky base. But the coolest part about these toys is that they are all gliders that can be launched across the table with a special piece that comes with them. Have Olaf speed away on his belly or watch Elsa gracefully glide away.

Frozen 2 Happy Meal

The rest of the Happy Meal is also Frozen-themed with movie poster content gracing the Happy Meal boxes, the apple slices packets, and the plain milk bottles. All of the toys in this collection are also McApp compatible. Scan them to receive a surprise on the app. Each toy also comes with a code that parents can enter on to be entered into a giveaway contest.

If you or your kids are the kind of Disniac that can’t get enough of anything Frozen, it might be time to take another trip to McDonald’s before seeing Frozen II in theaters on November 22. 

The Frozen II toys follow the Lion King toy collection, and once the Frozen toys have glided away, Happy Meals will be taken one last time to a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Star Wars Happy Meal toys

Yes, next on deck: Toys from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. You can catch the upcoming promo at the bottom of the Happy Meal boxes. Star Wars fans are notorious toy collectors gathering everything from Happy Meal toys to “completely unique” factory defects. Star Wars Happy Meal toys have always been hot collectibles, which is bound to make this last series of the Skywalker Saga even more so.

Source: McDonald’s

What do you think? Do you like to collect the Disney Happy Meal Toys? Do you know anybody who has a crazy obsession with them? Let us know in the comments!

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