Comments for Fans ask ‘how to cancel Disney+’ 4 times more than ‘how to cancel Netflix’

netflix vs. disney



  1. Diane

    Going to keep BOTH

  2. Netflix & Disney+

  3. Melanie Durham

    We love both as well!

    1. Lynn

      I was surprised I couldn’t put the Disney+ app on my smart tv or smart bluray like Netflix or Amazon Prime. This has been surprising to many folks. Having to cast from my laptop or phone isn’t always convenient. This might be why some folks are looking to cancel.

  4. Diane

    Netflix canada content is meh, havent been watching it recently and it is expensive $16.99/month for family. Disney is currently $8.99….cancelled Netflix yesterday but havent signed up for Disney yet. We also have Prime….Netflix Canada has no westerns but Prime does…cannot afford it all!

  5. NENolan

    Anytime I sign up for anything, one of the first things I do is check what the cancellation procedure is.

  6. Essie

    Have both. Won’t cancel either service. Great selection across both platforms combined. Disney+ has its quirks but those will get ironed out.

  7. Kelly

    Keeping my Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. Not interested in any of the original content so far from Disney+, and already own all of the classic movies and shows on DVD/digital that I might care to rewatch. Why pay more to watch content I already paid to own?

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