Comments for Just Released: First image from Pixar’s “Soul” starring Jamie Foxx

Pixar Soul

Credit: Pixar


  1. Thomas

    You’re a little inaccurate with the last paragraph. You say that it’s the first year since 2015 since Pixar have released a movie that isn’t a sequel, this is actually false, late 2017 Pixar released ‘Coco’ which is most definitely not a sequel! Unless you mean the first year when NONE of the movies released that year were sequels and i misread it.

    1. You are correct! That was totally my mistake on the wording there- we’ll edit this to make it more clear. Thanks for catching that!

  2. Mark

    Is it me or does this already look like a inside out knock off by its own company or sequel thats not a sequel…. either way it already sounds sad! I have had enough tears from coco!

    1. I have no doubts that this one will bring out the emotions! Getting us to cry seems to be Docter’s specialty.

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