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Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Concerned

    Classic case of dishonest people trying to lie and cry to get what they don’t deserve (I.e., didn’t pay for). It’s a real thing I’ve seen firsthand working in hospitality that some people will habitually do and It is so demoralizing to staff to have to deal with these high maintenance liars. They should be banned from Disney properties.

    It is horrible people like these who are ruining the travel industry for everyone. I feel bad for those children to have to grow up with such disgusting people who lack integrity.

    1. Nicole Layton

      I am sorry but I find their claims to be ridiculous. I have stayed in numerous Disney World resorts, flying from Pa to FL atleast a week every month and have never encountered anything like this. Every room I have ever stayed in at each resort has always been super clean. If it’s so terrible why do they keep coming back, other than the obvious, they want to scam Disney for more free stuff.

      1. I’ve never been to the Disney Parks but I’ve read other comments here, it looks like this couple are looking for a cash handout/free holiday. I jcant imagine that a company like Disney would sell rooms that resemble slums, in that climate I would expect the odd insect to get in just as see them, and Wall lizards around the Med, lurking about hotels etc. What a disgrace this couple are, maybe they are also hoping for a sympathy vote from the lawyers invoked.

      2. Heather Ruiz

        I have taken my family the past 3 years in a row and it has ALWAYS been super clean. Never have I ever had a problem.

    2. Grace Helms

      If this was true they would never book with hotel again non the less several times with multi complaints lies

  2. TimG

    Calling bluff after upgrading them twice? Seems like the family got free upgrades for lying. Well done!!!

  3. Erik

    I have little doubt this couple were lying/exaggerating for attention…the article States the problem very clearly:
    “This family has received compensation from us numerous times over the past five years, and they continue to return,” said a Disney spokesperson in a statement”……
    just like with a dog or ill behaved child… when you reward bad behavior you basically guarantee you will have to deal with it over and over again

    1. Deb

      So this is how you get to stay at GF real cheap? Actually, if you read the original story, once the money conversion was done they tried to get sympathy by claiming the room cost way more than it did. It wasn’t a once in a lifetime trip for the couple, because they have gone before. Maybe their kids were freaking out because of the length of travel and change of routine. Seems to me that they are media hogs trying to get their own reality show.

  4. Anthony

    100% Bluff they know how to get a free upgrade. Two years ago we stayed on Disney property was very disappointed on the size of the room and they upgraded us to a one bedroom suite with no added charges. Was not expecting that, we were very happy that they made it a more magical experience for my family. This family already knows if they complain that Disney will do everything possible to make their experience a lot better.

  5. Lisa

    They are complete and total idiots!!! I think Disney should be calling them out, they probably should’ve done it before now actually! Those claims are just Ludacris and completely made up!!! There is no way ANY of that stuff would be true, especially at a nice Disney property location!! I wonder what other claims they’ve made in the past?? They can’t even make up semi believable stuff, just this really out there crap!! If things were actually this bad they obviously would not keep coming back, but yet they do. Also I thought their kids were non verbal. So how were they screaming then??? Idiots!!! I agree that Disney should ban them!!

    1. Deb

      Nonverbal means that they can’t communicate using words. That doesn’t mean that they can’t communicate using sounds and actions. Their change in behavior was probably due to a change to established routine. BTW, my child was nonverbal until the age of four. We went to Disney when he was two and used a child harness so he could at least walk around the day we traveled and to and from the resort buses. When we woke up the second day and he grabbed the harness and gave it to us we knew exactly what he was communicating. Put this thing on me so we can go out and have some fun.

  6. Brian Evans

    Time to ban them from coming back if theybare such terrible guest. They are just looking for a better vacation for free. Id have a hard time believing Disney let their be live bugs in multiple rooms and have them be so dirty.

  7. Mike

    The place is always spotless…did not believe them from the beginning.

    1. Doris Lombardi

      I agree

  8. Darth Fixit

    In all the times I’ve stayed at Disney World, I’ve complained about a room only once and that was because of a volume issue with the room being right near a pool and bus stop. They immediately accommodated and moved me to a much quieter room far away from the pool. So they props to Disney. They are very nice and very good about guest issues.

    As for this family… if I were Disney, I would simply mark their name in the computer to make sure they get extra special service on their next visit. In other words, “We understand what happened last time, and to assure nothing like ever happens again, we will have somebody meet you at your room on arrival to make sure it is in good working order, so if there is something you need, we will be able to help immediately.” A statement like that to the customer will solve the problem.

    1. Linda Hervas

      Fantastic suggestion! My family has stayed (almost annually and sometimes 4 times in a year) for the past 40+ years in various DWD resorts. Never have had one problem in all those visits. The worst was a lightbulb out in a hallway! Always clean and spotless.

    2. Linda H

      I love your suggested statement!!

      We have stayed in almost all DWD resorts over the past 40+ years, going from 1-4 times each year. We have never encountered a problem with any room or anywhere else in each resort. The only thing I noticed once was a burned-out light bulb in a hallway. They are on top of their game when it comes to housekeeping.

  9. David

    The only vermin in the rooms were these two sickos. They should be ashamed of themselves using their boys as a shield to gain sympathy from the public and having the audacity to share this in the press.
    Disney has the cleanest rooms guaranteed.
    The condom was probably theirs.

  10. Linda

    People lie to get free compensation. Not the first.

  11. I find their claims to be outrageous.We have stayed at the Swan Hotel & Old Key West villas at Disney World, as well as the Aulani resort. The suites & hotel rooms were always spotless.
    We will continue our annual stays at Disney properties

  12. Alison

    Likely they complained about some minor thing on their first visit and got an upgrade. That was a real complaint about a real issue.

    Next visit they tried it again but this time about a bogus issue and were rewarded with yet another upgrade.

    So now they know that if they complain, rather than Disney calling their bluff at the time, they’ll get what they want, so they keep making up lies in order to get some freebies as it’s a tried and tested method that Disney doesn’t challenge.

    Given Disney seems to have a record of ALL their complaints, the next time they try to book, it should flag up “no accommodation available for the dates you request” for every date they try!

    If they do manage to book another Disney holiday and complain, then senior manager should be called to undertake a full investigation (with photos taken etc – including photos of rooms next door to compare). If found to have tampered with the room, police called and charged with vandalism and banned from every Disney property thereafter.

    1. Kathie

      I find their claims to be ridiculous. I have stayed at Disney several times and have always found everything to be in tip top condition. Not only that cast members are always very accommodating. These gentlemen should be ashamed of themselves for setting bad examples for their children.

  13. Margie

    I’ve seen the pictures they posted. I believe they tore that room apart looking for stuff to complain about. I don’t see anything that looks like part of a bed in the condom picture. The picture of dust looks like a confined space that they could barely get in with the camera. I think they brought the cockroach with them and maybe the condom also…..

  14. Norah

    I have stayed in lots of different Disney hotels always very clean these people should be banned for life from staying In any Disney hotel.If it was that bad why keep coming back again and again.

  15. André DeVine

    After having heard that this family are perpetual trouble makers, I too agree that Disney needs to take action. Maybe next visit, they have senior staff do a complete walk through of the room upon check-in. Now it’s not chocking to me that they would have seen roaches or more likely palmetto bugs as this is central Florida we’re talking about. However, the one and only stay at Caribbean Beach, I was surprised to see a lot of dead roaches outside of the rooms as well as trash left by guests on the walking path that was still there the following morning. This was many years ago and we refuse to stay at that resort again as it didn’t seem that there was much attention paid for the cleanliness of the property by the maintenance staff. Despite that fact, I don’t condone this families sense of entitlement and behavior.

  16. KJ

    I absolutely agree with Disney calling their bluff. However, I have friends who aren’t like this family…. who found their room at the Yacht Club was not cleaned prior to arrival. They found dirty diapers and someone else’s used underwear on the floor.

    1. Shay

      Your friend’s claim makes sense. You would expect that every once in a while a room may be unintentionally skipped but these people…I just don’t believe them…to find something wrong on every single trip? Why do they keep coming?

  17. Sara L Nicosia

    Our family has stayed at many of the Disney Resorts. We have never had a complaint. All of our rooms have been clean and ready for use when we got there. We got an upgrade once, not from complaing, but for the number of times we had stayed at the resort. We were upgraded from standard to prefers.


    This couple are extreme in every sense, FB stalk them. They’re attention whores. Spotlight ME! Thirsty queens – sad. I don’t believe them for a minute. (Oh, and I LOVE queens! )

  19. Traci

    I think Disney should tell this family Apparently, this is not the right vacation destination for them anymore. I believe Disney also has “the right to refuse service to anyone” clause.

  20. LJM

    I have gone to Disney resorts since they’ve been there and I had the Vacation Club for over 15 years. NEVER HAVE SEEN A THING OUT OF PLACE . Things do happen once in a while but to go to a second place and still find a bad room is suspicious. Now add to that a history over years….are these people’s stupid?! guess they thought could continue to do this and get a way with it.. CON ARTISTS.

  21. J Bot

    id take the story with a very large pinch of salt the story has been run by gutter press (sorry but the Mirror is in my opinion wholly unreliable and desperate!) , and the pic of the family don’t project an unhappy holiday, Disney in my experience cannot do enough for their guests, and I am 1000% behind the others views about why keeping going …..they seem to be blatant spongers

  22. Janice

    Liars. The housekeepers killed them self working there. Disney need to banish them.?

    1. Nancy L Howard

      True. Poor house keepers. I think Disney should sue them. The two boys look like they hate their adopted dads touching them. I think their also perverted perverts

      1. Ems

        I think you have a point judging by their Facebook page they only foster boys but why have they only taken 2 of the boys on holiday and left the others at home? This was a working holiday with all this planned. Thier ‘manager’ who is also a nobody might I add has gone with then purposely to deal with the media in the matter. Fraud and child neglect comes into play for a start!!

  23. CJZ

    Their story is very hard to believe. My family and I have stayed at DW 14 times over the past 12 years. We have had a few disappointments over the years. The most notable being our room was not ready when we arrived and walked into our room at 1:00 AM – beds unmade, food on the table and in the refrigerator, towels on the bathroom floor. It had not been touched by housekeeping since the previous guests – even though we received a text several hours earlier stating our room was ready. It was an oversight; mistakes happen. Management gave us a different room that night, cleaned our original room the next morning, and all was good. I have never seen anything to the degree that this family described. We always stay in a villa and our stays typically run around $5,000 – including room, food, and park tickets. There is no way their trip cost over $10,000 for that length of time at the Caribbean. They sound like total scammers.

    1. Chris

      Agreed. We spend about $10,000+/year on Disney trips, but that is for 14-20 nights spread across 5-6 stays at deluxe resorts (usually with AP discounts). We too walked into our room at AoA to find it untouched by housekeeping. They actually upgraded us to GF. Funny story because it ended up being a great business decision on their end, because from that trip on we’ve been booking exclusively at the deluxe resorts. Earlier this year (before the renovations) we walked into our Contemporary room and were very disappointed at the condition of the furniture and cleanliness. Wasn’t terrible, but didn’t reflect what I was expecting at that price point. I called guest services and asked if there was anything available at GF, offering to pay the difference if there was any, and they moved us to a Lagoon view. Front desk at GF was surprised to see that we were being moved from the Contemporary.. apparently they get a lot of guests moved there, but usually from Moderates and mostly from Coronado Springs.

  24. Ellabee

    Disney needs to ban them from the property, plain and simple. Five times? Get out.

  25. Nancy Howard

    ? sad. These two boys have the body language of hating being touched by their adopted dads. See the shutter in their r arms as they hold them away from the men forcing them into some unnatural hug. See the terro in their eyes as these 2 grown men seem to be grooping them unnaturally?????? These two men are dishonest with Disney and dishonest with these 2 boys. DNA check the condom as it probably belongs to one of these dishonest men with smiles as if they are so happy forcefully holding these 2 boys who are discusted with them……..Please help these 2 boys. Whose face is that horrific as daddy holds you unless daddy is not very nice??? Daddy being nasty????

    1. Ems

      You probably have a good point there. Whole can of worms about to be opened for these folks I think

    2. Ems

      The videos on Facebook where hes craving to be on TV dancing around the house is crazy. Forcing the child yo be in the room because if it was just him no one would be interested. But I know – lets use the disabled child again for attention and publicty. These people need to be finished and I know a lot of people are working on now making that happen

  26. Grant

    I agree that this family worked the system. However, what can Disney do about it? They went to the media about this, what will happen if Disney bans them? They have too many issues that would blow up for Disney if banned (orientation and autism being the obvious). Can you imagine the media backlash if they said they were banned because of their kids, or their lifestyle? Glad Disney is calling them out at this point, but I don’t think that they could do more…

  27. Nancy Lewis

    I say after the 2nd time of this family complaining, especially if this has been going on for the past 5 years, they should be banned from Disney property period. I,ve been there many times and the rooms are always spotless. They just want a freebie.

  28. Eluza

    I knew that but couldn’t leave comment. I’ve stayed at CB since 1998 most recently in May. I just don’t believe what they said.

  29. Heather Ruiz

    I have taken my family the past 3 years in a row and it has ALWAYS been super clean. Never have I ever had a problem.

  30. Andrew Potthast

    I have stayed at carribean beach and had a similar experience. Cockroaches dead under my pillow. Called to front desk and they said the resort qas fully booked so no chance of changing rooms but they would send housekeeping right up and clean top to bottom. No compensatiom asked for or offered. 10 hours later after coming back from the park, the room was just as we left it. Untouched. Called the front desk again and they said that housekeeping cleaned the wrong room. Ok huge resort s..t happens. They came up within 10 mins. Housekeeping was in the room for 5 mins. I thought they were getting more cleaning stuff. Nope they were done. Bed made . didnt even vacuum. So instead of calling i qalked to the desk with a zip lock bag of 0 dead cockroaches that were next to the bed. The front desks response was that i picked them up drom the grounds and then bagges them to get something for free. The manger on duty that evening stood behind the persons claim and the result was i could sleep in the dirty roach infested room or get my money back and try to stay off property. Nice. All i asked for was a good cleaning. I have been to disney every year for the past 10 years and i was aplaud by the treatment. We finished our stay offf property. We will also never go back. It is alot of money to go to disney and if you read about peoples bad experiences there it usually boils down to the housekeeping.

    1. Donna

      But I bet you didnt have two disabled children to use to your advantage

    2. Lynette Browne

      As you said, you’ll never go back. This family kept going back and back…

    3. Brandon

      I had roaches at Coronado last November. I chalked it up to the room’s proximity to the lake and the fact that we were on the first floor. The front desk acted as if we were lying too, so I just took a picture of the roach as it crawled across the letter placed in each room with the GM’s email address and sent it his way. I was moved, but they still acted as if they were being asked to make an unreasonable accommodation.

  31. Jackie

    You all do realize this is a report from the mirror that’s a tabloid not a reliable news source.

  32. R davey

    Disney should bar them from all of their resorts and parks
    The family even have their own management company so they knew what they were doing for sure

  33. Val

    We have stayed in many … many resorts over the years… Have there been hiccups with the rooms.. sure.. but they Always are apologetic and make it right…With all the guest that visit every year.. They keep up with the renovations of rooms and take pride in there resorts…

  34. Lou

    Disney resorts are consistently nothing less than awesome.
    As crude as this suggestion is…?
    Have the condom in question analyzed by local law enforcement.
    I bet we all know whose DNA is gonna show up on it.

  35. Cheryl

    Our family has gone to Disney World every year for over 20 years. Most of the time we have stayed at the Carribean Beach Resort. It has always been clean, no bugs and no exposed wiring. This family does seem to be taking advantage of Disney.

  36. Michelle Mantia

    There are several things wrong with the claims of this couple. First, we have stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort several times as well as other Disney properties. Their resorts are kept meticulously clean and updated inside and outside and in all common areas. Second, there is nothing wrong with seeing a live centipede in a room. This is Florida after all, and there are many bugs/lizards around. Third, they did not spend a huge amount of money on a once in a lifetime vacation. Caribbean Beach is a moderate priced resort, this was not their only trip (5 other times) and guests from the UK and Europe get a huge savings on their park tickets and resort reservations that are not available to those of us from the US. This couple has figured out how to scam their way into basically free vacations and should be red flagged.

  37. Tony

    go to a youtube channel called “Traveling Robert”. Search for a video called:
    “The Campsites at Fort Wilderness, and Hotel Hopping in Disney World.” Then go to 29:45.

    You will be SHOCKED at the size of the roach visiting the Grand Floridian. Nasty and unacceptable.

    My wife and I have seen them on grounds and don’t doubt they’re found in the rooms as well. We’ve had cleanliness issues over our 20 years of biannual visits.

    We’ve never encountered a castmember not willing to make it right however. Usually if you see a mousekeeping person around and you have an issue, they’ll rush right over and help you.

  38. Jane ogram

    have stayed at Disney resorts for years as and have never found them to anything but clean and well cared

  39. Jeff

    I think Disney should have showed them the door, not upgraded.

  40. Terrell Nilson

    You pay more to get more with Disney. As a stockholder and DVC owner these two ingrates should receive a lifetime ban from all worldwide Disney properties. I have stayed many times at WDW and Disneyland Resort and even Shanghai Disneyland and me ER encountered any problem close to to what they described.

    I fell down once at WDW like a clutz and when I got back to my room Disney had delivered balloons and chocolate with a feel better card even though it was not their fault. Disney magic at it’s best.

    I say throw the bums out and never welcome them back.

  41. Martin

    Unfortunately, this stuff happens all too often. What most people don’t stop to think about is that the net result is that the rest of us spend a heck of a lot more for everything we pay for because fraudsters like these. Whether it’s at a high end resort, or a local restaurant, or grocery store. The companies pass the cost on to the public.

  42. Gene

    I stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort at about the same time as these grifters. I can tell you unequivocally that they’re lying. While it’s one of Disney’s older hotels–I stayed there in the mid-’90s too–it is well maintained and the rooms are spotless.

  43. Kevin H Jones

    I stayed at Disney’s Beach Club through DVC and found that housekeeping had missed a few things in the refrigerator and left a syringe style medicine dropper for a child from the last inhabitants. The AC didn’t work properly in one of the rooms. Hosekeeping came and cleaned the rooms properly, and maintenance fixed the AC. That was the end of it. I wasn’t traumatized, and didn’t try to fleece the Mouse for my “trouble”?

  44. Jessica W.

    We visit Disney at least once a year. We stayed at Caribbean Beach for the first time last year. Our room was on the ground floor. One night as we entering the room, my husband happened to glance down and noticed a palmetto bug inside the interior part of the AC unit. (We’re originally from South Florida, so we’re good at spotting them.) He chased it out and killed it. Never once did I think about calling the front desk to complain! It’s Florida! Palmetto bugs happen! They’re not typically the “infestation” kind of bug. Usually they just seem to wander into a place. Seeing one is NOT representative of a place being dirty.

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