Was your Disney+ account hacked? Here’s what you need to do!

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Disney+ launched to tens of millions of subscribers this past week. We recently reported about Disney’s presumed leniency on Password Sharing. Not shortly after, we learned that Disney+ users were getting hacked and their personal information was being shared online in the dark web.

Were you among the Disney+ Users whose information was compromised?

Disney + Hackers

Users were reporting strange names and additional profiles in their accounts that had been created without their knowledge.

Disney said in a statement that there is “no indication of a security breach on Disney+” and that it takes “users’ data very seriously.” However, there have been user reports stating otherwise.

If you were among those that saw suspicious activity in your accounts, here are some simple steps you can follow to get your information safe again.

How to get your Disney+ account safe

Change your password

Using unique passwords is essential to keeping all your subscriptions safe. One of the ways hackers were using the stolen information was by selling it online. And unfortunately for many users, those login credentials worked across multiple platforms.

So, be sure to use unique login information for all your accounts, and make the necessary changes to protect your information.

Use Online tools like browser extensions

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Are you a Google Chrome user? Then you are in luck! Chrome has a special Password Checkup feature that automatically checks all your saved passwords for security problems. This feature can also send you alerts if your passwords have been exposed in a third-party data breach.

We recommend the browser extension as it also verifies if your password is being reused across different sites or if you have a weak password that should be updated.

You can download the extension through this link.

Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication from companies like Google’s Gmail or Apple offer an extra security step where the service texts or emails you a one-time use PIN code needed to log-in. This also aids in keeping your information safe and secure.

Use paid third-party tools

Although you can find free security features online, sometimes keeping our information safe is priceless.

If you’re willing to pay out in order to keep your information safe, paid services like Dashlane and 1Password will monitor logins and inform you when your credentials have been compromised. These programs offer easy-to-use tools to create a secure password that can be used across multiple accounts through a browser extension.

Was your Disney+ account compromised? Let us know in the comments if you were able to safeguard your account again. Also, if you have any other tips we can offer our readers to keep their accounts safe, we’d love to hear them!


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