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  1. Joanna

    I understand all the sensitivity. But when did everyone start to decide what the people can watch. I’m waiting for a time when what we think in our homes will be monitored. We’ve all become overly sensitive. Censorship can get out of hand. Are we going to start banning and burning books because someone doesn’t like what it says. If you don’t like something then it’s a personal choice to use, say or view whatever it may be!!

    1. Daniel Semyck

      Complete PC nonsense. If they air a movie with deleted edited scenes, the title shouls say so. Garbage call. I’m tired of all this sensitivity crap!

  2. Cindy Lewis

    I don’t agree at all with the censorship. We are paying for the service and it should be up to each household what is to be watched. This is what’s wrong with our country today. Everyone is too sensitive. Quit trying to change or rewrite history. The Disney company should know better. This is America. If you don’t want to watch something then don’t watch it, but let us decide for ourselves. Leave the movies as originally made.

    1. random fact: the bloopers weren’t intended for Toy Story 2, but i agree with you

    2. Erik

      I think they should default to the censorship but users can toggle them off. Like safe search in Google. By default it’s on but you can turn it off for NSFW results

  3. RissyRoo

    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! Plain and simple! I have Nerflix, I detest horror movies and Netflix has tons of them. Guess what? I don’t care! I choose not to watch them and go about my merry life! Dinsey is going to shoot themselves in the foot (figuratively speaking) with all this censorship and sensitivity moddle-coddling!

  4. Anonymous

    I can accept no Song of the South or Toy Story 2 Blooper but editing out the Crows from Dumbo?! NO SUBSCRIPTION!
    This is why I buy Physical Copies!

    1. Yusuf

      Doesn’t make sense even Toy Story 2’s blooper! I find it very funny!

  5. Richard Smith

    Hold on! Despite “WOKE” Culture, Disney is denying people from watching James Baskett, who played Uncle Remus, in the very film he not only was the featured main character for in 1946, but also the film in which he won and an honorary Academy Award for his performance making him the first Black man in film to win the prestigious honor?!!! Disney wants to hide the history of the first featured lead black male character in film and first black male winner of the Academy Award?!!!
    Furthermore, Disney wants to protect audiences from seeing the crows in Dumbo who are vital in giving Dumbo the “Magic Feather,” (a significant plot point) which gives him the confidence to truly discover his ability to fly?!!! Once again, black characters are vital to Dumbo succeeding in his journey, so much so that the final song of the film is “When I See an Elephant Fly” as Dumbo is being celebrated and is reunited with his mother as the crows fly with him, and that ends up on the cutting room floor?!!
    So in order to not offend, Disney is erasing significant contributions of a black actor and black main characters in film!!! Yet Disney is WOKE?!!!
    As for Stinky Pete, Toy Story 2 has a bloopers scene in the credits making commentary about a Hollywood practice known as the “casting couch.” The film was released in 1999, a full 18 years before the Harvey Weinstein case brought #MeToo into the public conscience! Talk about being WOKE! Yet Disney wants to erase this history too, even though this scene can be used as point of the early birth pangs of the #MeToo Movement?!!
    This is why history and context is so vital, which is missing in today’s WOKE culture. I choose to maintain history in order that we may learn from it, celebrate early pioneers like James Baskett, and use history’s lessons to forge a better future instead of erasing it and pretending moments of humanity’s growth did not happen! Disney needs to show all of it’s library on Disney+, including it’s ugly side. From it’s failures it has grown to the media powerhouse that it is today! We need history in order to learn from it!

    1. Nancy Barone

      I think EVERYTHING should be available, if you don’t want to see it you don’t have to but there are those of us who grew up with those movies and love them and cutting up Dumbo is a CROCK leave it Alone

      1. Yusuf

        I completely agree with you, along with many other people!

    2. Yusuf

      That side is not “ugly”, just controversial to other people to weak, ignorant and too sensitive!

  6. jon

    I don’t agree with them editing their own content. If there is any format where controversial material could be explained, it could be when you’re watching at home with your family. It could foster a discussion about what was considered acceptable at one time and what is not now. I understand why they’re doing it, but I don’t agree. They can’t erase their own history. And they shouldn’t.

  7. Rodrigo Barros

    EVERYTHING is controversial to someone.
    Censorship is not ok.
    So if you want to appease sensitive people, add a disclaimer on top of the “harmful content”.
    Apparently, some people forget such a thing as “a product of its time”.
    And like someone said above, I grew up in a time when, if I didn’t like something, I’d CHOOSE not to take part in it. Working to get rid of whatever you don’t like is insane.

  8. Anonymous

    All this censorship is ridiculous. If people chose to watch something that is up to them but don’t punish everyone else who wants to watch a show in its entirety.

  9. Disneyfan

    I’m as liberal as can be but I am not happy to hear this! Censorship is not okay! Disney needs to own up to its history. These movies were made and existed. They should be made available for viewing. It’s not right yo tell people what to watch. Offer it and let the viewers decide.

  10. Vincent DiCarlo

    Times change, and one of the reasons Disney has been so successful is their ability to change with those times.

    1. Bruno

      Times Change? Nope its called Woke Cluture. Or PC Cluture and who do you think really is about these so called controversial scenes or movies that Disney made? the minorities? that’s rather ironic i haven’t seen a single minority group or people complain about these movies that Disney did in the past. So who do you think really is upset about them? and the ones screaming the most about them? Liberals.
      You Liberals just love pushing around censorship while pretending to care about people.

      All this screaming on these Disney classics because of Cultural Depictions in them is just pathetic.

      Grow up cry baby liberals.

  11. CaptainSad

    Liberalism at it’s finest. I don’t think we should censor anything from our history period. It happened. Get over it. We are turning into a country of w(P)ussies. I don’t have to worry about it I have a copy of Song of the South in High Def and Dolby sound. I can’t say where I got it. But have watched it many times.

    1. Teeple


      Even us liberals think this is something way past liberalism. I think we should come up with a new term for this appeasement – seriously, Disney is trying to appease the 1% of the folks who might actually have a problem with these scenes, while I would venture to guess that most of us here are Disney fanatics who want the purest form of the original shows without editing (including the Aladdin edits, the Crows in Dumbo, the sexual overtoned outakes in TS2, etc. etc.)

      Let’s not make Liberals/Liberalism part of this washing away of these Disney archives.

  12. jasonbres

    If you remove the crows from Dumbo, you basically remove the entire movie. Because besides Timothy and his mother, the crows were the only other characters who sympathized with Dumbo. If they edit that scene out, they are basically showing that Dumbo just suddenly realizes he can fly and got the “Magic Feather” from nowhere.

  13. Ashley

    Oh, so it’s ok when DISNEY does it, but when VidAngel does it, Disney sues the pants off of them.

    Nice double standard ya got there.

    1. Mike

      It’s Disney’s movie to edit, not VidAngels. No double standard. (Not that I agree with their decision.)

  14. Sheila

    I had seen Song of the South when I was a kid and loved that movie. I was a white child living in an all black neighborhood in San Francisco and all my friends were black but I didn’t see that they were just my friends. Racism is brought on by parents teaching it to their children. Slavery happened that’s a fact but if you’re going to start censoring movies because of slavery maybe Gone With the Wind should be banned too. I was forced to watch Roots in high school and I thought that was absolutely horrible but it gave me understanding that all people aren’t treated the same, and still aren’t. Disney should put all the movies and scenes out there and let the people who pay for the service decide what they want to watch and have settings so that you can block certain movies that you don’t want your kids to watch.

  15. Spanish

    I see here a terrible action of cutting out of history the parts they do not like and this is completely ridiculous because those things existed in a different time. Someone can decide not to make Song of the South nowadays because of all the exposed reasons but one film made in those days just shows the culture at the time. People should be smart enough as to understand that and be critic if watching. Will someone erase General Custer killing the Indians in that Errol Flynn movie just because now it is not politically correct to show that? Things happened I’m history and should not be hidden. We just need not to make them again now that’s all.

    1. Dodge

      I do not think anyone would mind if this was on the Criterion Channel or some adult streaming service. But Disney is something that people trust their children with. So they do not want racism in a place that their children might access it on their own any more than they want explicit sexual content or gore.

      Gone with the Wind should be available—but not somewhere where children might come across it without adult supervision. Same goes for Song of the South or the crow scene.

      That is not to say that

  16. Xanadu

    This is like Hitler burning books and people in the 60″s banning books from libraries. I thought it was bad watching adults taking books out of the school library and walking out. I saw some burn the books in the schoolyard and parents taking a marker or white out to the books words. We need to stop worrying about hurting a small group of people feelings,. Censorship is wrong!

    1. Mark

      PC Culture, Liberals who scream about Diversity is our strength love Censorship on anyone who doesn’t share their opinions or have the same ideas as the leftists.

  17. I hate not having back up power in my house.

  18. random fact: the bloopers weren’t intended for Toy Story 2, but i agree with you

  19. Dodge

    So Disney’s streaming service is something that black people can enjoy as much as white people do.

    How can anyone complain about that?

  20. Jon

    This is one thing that Warner Brothers has over Disney: They admitted that their early stuff was racist, sexist, and wrong. But they refuse to censor them and hide them in their vault. Because doing so is just as bad as claiming their company never produced those pieces of content at all!

    Disney needs to learn from Warner and just let these works exist as they originally were. Just slap a warning screen in front of it, like Warner did.

    1. Yusuf

      The advertisment says that those cartoons depicted in a humoristic way the prejudices and stereotypes in real society of the period the cartoons were created, like Groening and MacFarlane, not that the cartoons were racist, it’s just Art that imitates Life, Art and Life of their time! Racism was (and is) in real life!

  21. Anonymous

    Bailee Abell, take this article down! CNBC is wrong and was only spreading lies created by third party fan blogs!

    Stop the lies!

  22. Carmine Crincoli

    I hate it when Disney+ ruins a lot of my favorite Disney movies and omits a lot of content! We’re living in a world of PC Culture!

  23. Yusuf

    In Disney+ released in Netherlands the crows hasn’t been removed, same thing about UK’s streaming service DisneyLife! WE HAD HOPE, AND NOW *PUFF*!!!
    Toy Story 2, TOO?! WHAT THE HELL!?

  24. Ryan Michael

    Well looks like you guys are wrong. The Jim Crow scene is still in Dumbo on Disney plus. Disney never said they were taking it out that was just a “source”

  25. Scott

    Glad to report that I’m watching the crows right now in Dumbo on Disney+. Either this article was completely misinformed or Disney made a last second reversal of a decision.

  26. Keith Cromer

    It’s funny how the minority dictate what the majority can view. Leave it alone. As others said, if you are offended then dont watch it.

  27. It’s great for the knowledge you share with us, I will always follow your blog and will share your blog with my friends.

  28. Scott

    Those who forget about the past are destined to relive it.

  29. Teresa Deneen

    To bad so sad Disney. I prefer a million times Vidangel. Disney you are evil and soon will pay for hour selfishness.

  30. Thank you so much, great post.

  31. Chris

    Ummm, not to condone the scenes or movies that show potential racist undertones, but why are we judging movies from the past by today’s standards. That is a fools task and impossible. It’s called history, like it or disagree with it. It is not to be erased because it is inconvenient or troubling. Events and moments from history must be remembered and learned from, so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

  32. Sean

    I understand Disney wanting to pretend these things were not ever made. But I feel that it is very important that these scenes be viewed in their entirety. Sanitizing history helps no one, in fact it will hurt the future. We already live in a time where it has become acceptable to deny the holocaust, something my grandparents wouldn’t have thought possible.

  33. Erik

    I think it should default to censored for child safety but then the account holders can toggle the preferences for the user accounts. Like how Google defaults to safesearch but you can turn that off if you would like.

  34. Erik

    I can understand it because you don’t want young people seeing it when they don’t understand the context yet, but that doesn’t mean it should be removed all together. They should have setable parental controls that are on by default but can be turned off.

  35. Rich

    That is why I like Vidangel, I can see all of the questionable content in the show or movie and then as the user I can choose which items to block, which content I do not want to see or hear. Vidangel puts the choice in the users hands. I wish Disney plus would allow Vidangel to stream their shows.

  36. In addition to simply not adding that film to the roster of feature films available on Disney+, the company will also be editing out scenes from some of its movies in order to steer clear of potential controversy or to sidestep antiquated thinking. As previously reported, the Jim Crow characters seen in the original

  37. Veronica

    This PC culture is crap I’m sick of it! I pay for the damn service so I should have a say what’s on my profile and what’s not. Hell I am a parent I should also decide and monitor what my children watch that’s MY JOB NOT DISNEY’S JOB

  38. Icarus

    A good chunk of Godmothered was chopped out…wtf?? And a part that’s likely important was hacked out of Newsies. I’d like to see the WHOLE MOVIE!
    And before someone suggests another service, I ONLY have access to Disney+

  39. Linda

    Knock yourself out Disney. But I would kind of assume that the highly paid marketing execs there would realize that this is a PAID FOR streaming service. Be as WOKE as you like but many, many of us aren’t going to pay to have your agenda shoved down our throats while the clean, family fare of old is removed in favor of it. It’s kind of nice to get back to books and conversation and skip the expensive movies and streaming. Really, not needed at all. Will you be burning our books soon???

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