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DIsney+ content warning points out racism

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    I actually think it’s important for Disney to leave those scenes in the films. Erasure of a problematic/flawed history is, i believe, a bad move. I’d much rather them keep them so we can see what was messed up about story telling at that time period, and add some sort of disclaimer/statement at the beginning of the film. But pretending it never happened is just the wrong move in my opinion. I’m more interested in a studio owning up to its flawed past and mistakes, than pretending they never happened and erasing them.

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    Dan Weckerly

    With an appropriate notification about changing social norms etc., I think it’s fine. Because once you really dig into trying to eliminate possibly offensive content out of context, it becomes a slippery slope. Some may find the Siamese Cat song insensitive to Asian audiences. But what about those of Irish ancestry who are offended at the bumbling cop outside the zoo? Audiences from the south who object to Trusty’s slow drawl? Elderly women who find Aunt Sarah’s priggishness to be harmfully stereotypical? Take out everything that could possibly offend anyone and “Lady and the Tramp” ends up with a running time of :30. I’m actually for the release of “Song of the South” as well. The character of Uncle Remus is *the* most sympathetic role in the piece, certainly more full of heart than the coldly disinterested Miss Sally! My thinking is that the major objectors to “Song of the South” have never even seen the film in its entirety.

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    I am sooooo happy that they kept these particular scenes in Dumbo and Lady and the Tramp! We have to remember that these were made in a different time, and people need to see what was entertainment in the past and people can make their own judgements. Removing the Crow scene from Dumbo would be a HUGE mistake, as it’s one of the most famous Disney songs, and is THE key scene where Dumbo learns that he can fly (I’d say spoiler but if you haven’t seen the original yet, where have you been for the last 80 years?). It would be like deleting the Pink Elephants sequence, which the Politically Correct Snowflakes would say glorifies alcohol use. As for ‘The Siamese Song’, again as a kid I never saw anything wrong with it, and only see it now because people have highlighted it to me. I just see two sinister cats who’re out to make Lady’s life difficult. Disney should release ‘Song of the South’ too, so people can see it and make their own decisions. I had it on VHS in the UK and the whole racial thing went over my head as I was too young to understand, but I loved the animated Brer scenes – and it’s the home of ‘Zip a Dee Doo Dah’, which after ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ must be Disney’s alternate theme. Congratulations Disney for making the right decision and not editing to appease those who want to hide away from the past.

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      Melanie Durham

      Amen!!!! I totally agree and I was young when I saw all of these wonderful films as well! And as an adult see nothing racial in these songs! People are way too sensitive these days!

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    It’s funny how it was confirmed they’d be editing Dumbo last week, now you mention it was rumored to be.

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    I think everything needs to be kept the same. Do not take out anything please! Let the movies and songs remain how they were originally made. This taking things out and re writing has got to stop. When is enough going to be enough? Never! Some group will find some little things and next thing you know , we have completely different movies and songs. It really is ridiculous. Side bar I’m only second generation to be born in USA.

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    Darth Tramp

    Somebody needs to shut down Disney Plus immediately until these travesties can be edited for content. Every good movie must be made with ample diversity like The Last Jedi. And finally, can we please get them to fix the old cartoons with a Donald Duck that wears pants?!

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    Fred Wright

    Fight censorship as you find it.

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    So when is enough enough? rewriting everything that offends someone….OFFENDS me…our past happened….did we learn from it…I hope so…but changing history doesn’t change the facts that it happened… leave the originals alone…if you are offended by the content…there is this GREAT THING CALLED CHOICE….DON’T watch it if it offended you..

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    I’m all for changing and substitution of offensive songS/scenes in remakes if that’s the route they choose to go. Changing the Siamese Cat Song wasn’t the only change to the new Lady and the Tramp, there were other changes as well and the song they used in its place served the same purpose and overall I really liked the remake. Same with Dumbo, there were some pretty significant changes from the original which, again, is totally fine. But as for the originals, LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! They’re classics for a reason, controversial content aside, and should be left as they were intended. I’m 30 years old, I’ve seen almost all of the old movies (including Song of the South) and until I was older had no idea that any of it was inappropriate. It can be used as a teaching moment for the younger generation rather than potentially altering a major plot point in a movie like Dumbo learning he can fly or the catalyst that eventually causes Lady to wind up on the street.

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