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Toy Story 4

Credit: Disney/Pixar


  1. Jason naylor

    Please bring something wicked this way comes

    1. Kevin H Jones

      Made my request… the whole series of “The Wonderful World of Color”. Just imagine being able to share the experience we had as youngsters with our kids, of watching (in my case, reruns) “Uncle Walt” Disney himself, introduce Sunday night’s family entertainment.

      1. Dayna

        I’ve contacted them about The Wonderful World of Disney too! I also asked why they didn’t put Playhouse Disney on?

        They have only 1 from there and it’s Out of the Box.

        1. Janae’

          We need all of The Playhouse on Disney. You would get more parents to buy Disney Plus for their children to grow up with the same wonderful experience.

          1. Courtney

            My son is obsessed with RoLie polie
            lie and it’s dope because I remember watching it as a kid. I bet more kids would love it to. It makes my two year old bust out laughing ? he loves rolie polie and it’s awesome. My whole family can tolerate the show. Unike a lot of baby or children’s shows can be. But rolie polie is a good show that teaches wholesome lessons about family and childhood. It’s a classic. It needs a comeback

      2. Kiwi

        Star vs the forces of evil

        1. Justyne Koty

          Add all the playhouse disney

          1. Jennifer

            YES!! Missing Bear in the Big Blue House, JoJo’s Circus and Higglytown Heroes!!!

        2. David Rosales

          Can you add Rollie pollie Ollie
          I need my son to follow his parents footsteps

      3. I will have a documentaries about disney channel disney xd and playhouse disney

    2. Could you please add my date with the presidents daughter to Disney plus?

      1. Dyan

        Susie q, the other escape to witch mountian, unwrap, life size, the little vampire, real life lion king

        1. Rebecca Henry

          Susie Q!!!

        2. Taco

          Can you please add Rollie Pollie Ollie

      2. MasKrap

        A season 5 for star vs the forces of evil

    3. Leslie Dressler

      I’m going to request “No deposit, No return”. I can’t believe it wasn’t there already.

      1. Meryem

        Star vs the forces of evil please bring them back we need them

      2. Samantha Crooks

        Please add rolie polie olie! I’m feeling nostalgic and would love for my kiddos to see it! ♡

        1. Kaycee simmons

          I agree i was just about to ask for that and bear in the big blue house

      3. Angela Edris

        Please add ‘The Moon-Spinners’ and ‘The Watcher in the Woods’. Two of my favorites!

        1. Emily Holt


        2. Tina Jackson

          I would love to see Polly the made for tv movie with Keisha K. pullam from the Cosby show

    4. anonymous

      Star vs the Forces of Evil

    5. Mirjam

      I want to see star vs the forces of evil. That wil make me zo happy.

    6. Jamie Smyth

      Star vs the forces of Evil! Pretty please!❤

    7. I want a new season or a movie of Star vs the forces of evil !

    8. Carrie Moore

      Please include Something Wicked This Way Comes. Children aren’t the only ones who are watching this app!

      1. Francesca

        I would love is Shrek was put on!

  2. Tara

    I would love to see Mr. Destiny on Disney plus! It was a great movie from my childhood!

    1. Reyna

      Star vs the forces of evil

      1. Aracely

        For real!!!!

    2. Timothy Allen

      How about adding the 1991 show Dinosaurs and the movie Angels in the Outfield

  3. Calli Cremeans

    Descendants 3

    1. Kat

      How about Song of the south, american legends, something wicked comes this way, summer magic, all of the parent traps

      1. Dayna

        The 2 Parent Traps are on there.

        1. Lee

          DIsney made 3 TV-movie sequels to the 1961 Parent Trap all starring Hayley Mills. Parent Trap II (1986), Parent Trap III (1989) and Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon (1989). They should be added to Disney+.

  4. Lisa

    The Proud family cartoon

    1. Adi

      Could you put Rolie Polie Olie on Disney plus? My son would really enjoy it like I did when I was little.

      1. Christina Ann Eucare

        I wanna see all of the playhouse Disney shows like Rollie Pillie Ollie JoJo’s Circus Bear in the Big Blue House PB&J Otter Higgly Town Hero’s

  5. Joseph La Manna

    BITBBH and bedknobs and broomsticks

    1. Hannah

      Bed knobs and broomsticks is on there. We watched it yesterday.

    2. Clu

      Star vs The Forces of Evil

  6. Aaron Bregel

    I would like to see “The Sixth Man” from 1997.

  7. Darth Sultan

    1) The Aladdin Animated Cartoon Series from 1994-ish
    2) Something Wicked This Way Comes
    3) Make Mine Music

  8. Blake

    Song of the South

    1. Mike Lowry

      We need proud family, bear in the big blue house, Rollie pollie Ollie and Cory in the house. We need to include more minority television shows.

  9. Susan

    I requested Song of the South but added that they can add an educational message regarding the controversy and explained that it is a part of history, even if it is a less than stellar part of history.

    Then I also requested the DCOM The Jennie Project.

  10. Karla

    I’d like to see the sing a long series that they recorded inside the parks!

    1. Meryem

      Star vs the forces of evil please bring them back we need them

    2. Brooke

      Yes me too!!

      1. Tanya

        Can you please add Zenon! As well as Smart Guy!

  11. Jacqui

    Bear in the big blue house and rolie polie olie. My kids LOVED those shows.

  12. Jon

    Song of the South

    1. matilda

      star vs the forces of evil please

  13. Marie

    I would like Disney’s original Fantasia

  14. Chris

    Summer Magic

    1. Chris

      And The Moon Spinners

  15. Amber

    Bear in the big blue house needs to be added to Disney+

  16. Brittney

    I want sister, sister please

  17. brooke

    star vs the forces of evil!! please!!!!

  18. Lisa

    Polar express

  19. First of all I want them to add Star vs the forces of evil to Disney Plus as they announced earlier, second I want a movie followed by the last episode of the 4 season. In which they could be based on Sarah’s fanstory (kprs4ever) a girl who demonstrating her love for the series made a fanfic of what the 5 season would be like and well that great work deserves to appear on the screen with animation and movement. So followed by the movie I ask for svtfoe it is first that they add it, keep their word and a movie.

  20. Milena

    First of all I want them to add Star vs the forces of evil to Disney Plus as they announced earlier, second I want a movie followed by the last episode of the 4 season. In which they could be based on Sarah’s fanstory (kprs4ever) a girl who demonstrating her love for the series made a fanfic of what the 5 season would be like and well that great work deserves to appear on the screen with animation and movement. So followed by the movie I ask for svtfoe it is first that they add it, keep their word and a movie.

  21. Lauren

    Star vs the Forces of Evil!!!

    1. Sivalia

      Star Vs the Forces of Evil

  22. Nelly Romero

    My request is that Star Vs the Forces of Evil is not on Disney+ and I would like to the show to be there please thanks !

  23. Deb Boles

    Spin and Marty from the Mickey Mouse Club series.

  24. Rodolfo

    Hello, I want to you bring Star Vs The Forces of Evil to Disney+ and please a 5th season or movie, a direct follow-up to the finale on Disney Channel, we’re more than 125,000 fans we want a new adventures of Star and Marco, please allows to Daron Nefcy and her staff to made it a reality, please

  25. Luna

    Can we get Star VS the Forces of Evil season 5!

    1. svtfoe please!!!!

  26. Mary

    Star vs the forces of evil, please ??

    1. yomiile

      star vs the forces of evil please

  27. Please Continuation of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil in Disney Plus: Season 5/Movie!!!

  28. nuggz

    Descendents 3 🙂

  29. Montana

    Zoey 101 NEEEDSto be added

    1. MacKenzie

      But that’s not a disney show

  30. i hope Disney+ make a third season of descendants wicked world

    1. Samantha M Pickryl

      I would really like to see Rolie Polie Olie on disney plus. Would love to share the memories of that show with my boys.

  31. Pasha

    Hello. We are the team that named SaveSVTFOE. And we want to return this serial. We all won’t give up. We have created a lot of arts, edits and other things. Many people bought toys about svtfoe. And this just a begin of our activity.

  32. Việt Dũng Nguyễn

    Add star vs the force of evil !!!!!

  33. Marianne

    Susie Q

    H E Double Hockey Sticks

    My Date With the Presidents Daughter

  34. Star vs the forces of evil

  35. No name

    Star vs the forces of evil

  36. Leslie Biddy

    Please add a resume button!! So that if I back out of watching a movie I don’t have to start over!

  37. Wendy

    Please add The Three Lives of Thomasina! Thank you!

  38. Andrea

    I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t have The Happiest Millionaire (one of my favs). That was the very last movie that Walt Disney worked on before his death.

  39. America

    Hi Disney, really all fans want Star vs the forces of evil to continue, literally since May 19 we are making publications and everything possible to get 5 season. Even so we won’t stop until we get it. I know that you see the rating of the series so at least give us a chance, give us a svtfoe movie that lasts at least two hours or two and a half hours and according to that you can then give us 5 season. Come on you have to lose? I beg of you, Mr. Ricky Strauss, I look forward to seeing this series continue. We are not hurrying right now but if at least he told us to continue, it would be a huge relief for all of us. #StarVsTheForcesOfEvil

  40. Andrew Cuddihy

    I want all the Freeform shows like PLL, Melissa and Joe, The Fosters. And love Simon the movie

  41. Chris

    I would like to see Summer Magic and The Moon Spinners

    1. Kelly

      I would like Toy Story 4 and Zootopia.

  42. Stephanie

    I would love to see Disney playhouse on Disney+ like rollie pollie ollie, bear in the big blue house, pj& otter things like that.

  43. Stephanie

    I would love to see Disney playhouse on Disney+ spelt some things wrong on my last post my phone auto corrected my apologies lol so please add rolie polie olie, PB&J Otter, Bear in the big blue house, things like that I loved them as a kid and I really think my kids will love them too. please and thank you!!! We love Disney+.

  44. Ramiro Strada

    Please movie of StarVsTheForcesOfEvil !!!! I want this series so much with all my heart and soul!
    We want 5 season too but now i want movie in disney plus please !!! Anyone with me?

  45. Rodolfo

    Star Vs The Forces of Evil, also a new season or movie, follow-up from the Cleaved episode

  46. Sydney

    The lion king live action & Aladdin live action

  47. Jessica

    Mickey Mouse Club, original and remake please.

  48. Anonymous

    Don’t look under the bed should be added. Also Susie Q!

  49. Chad

    I look foward to a new season for star vs the forces of evil please!

    1. Joy

      Please Continuation of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil
      5 season or movie.

  50. Please add the movie from 1991 Bejewelled!

  51. Joy

    Please Continuation of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil. 5 season or movie.

  52. Matthew Rings

    1 Walt Disney’s Disneyland (1954–1958)
    2 Walt Disney Presents (1958–1961)
    3 Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color (1961–1969)

  53. Jose

    My recommendation is that the Disney Plus platform can be renewed allowing 5 seasons for each animated series. Including Star Vs The Forces Of Evil

  54. Amanda

    I want movie Star vs the forces of evil please!!!!

  55. Andrea

    World’s Greatest Athlete from about 1973

    1. Bill

      Yes please add WGA

  56. Bob Barnett

    I would like to see Watcher in the Woods and Something Wicked this way Comes added but most of all I would like to see The Wonderful World of Disney weekly movies added. That is a lot I know, but these were what my family gathered and watched every Sunday night while I grew up.

  57. Raquel

    I want to see a Star vs the forces of evil movie at least for the next year but let it be announced now! I want a movie at least 3 hours long

  58. Carla Montoro

    Well first my request is that Star vs the forces of evil be added on the platform, I do not know if it will come later by Hulu (but still do not pronounce anything) and then a movie as proof that the program’s rating will rise markedly and according to What we show can give us another season. Also my suggestion is that you can renew animated programs to 5 seasons. #SaveSVTFOE

  59. Daniel G.

    Star vs the Forces of Evil movie, please.

  60. Jessie

    Model Behavior

  61. aaron

    add star vs the forces of evil

    y’all promised you were going to have it

    but where is it

    give permission for a season 5

  62. Julianna

    Star vs the forces of evil!!!! Also we want a movie or a 5th season!!!!!! We have all been begging

    1. maddie

      add bridge to terabithia…

  63. M

    Please add Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil to Disney+

  64. Hakan

    A lot of people wants continue or film of star vs evil forces. Look at star vs evil forces videos of disney channel ,these videos have got million views. Everybody wants it .Please see it disney. Please add star vs evil forces to disney+

  65. Cakr

    Star vs the force of evil season 5 or a special movie

  66. Patricia Gale

    Please add Sister, Sister the TV series to Disney plus and also please add the Disney channel original movie Under Wraps. As well as any DCOMs that aren’t already available on Disney plus, I loved those as a kid and I’d like to have the nostalgia of those things again.

  67. Emily Williams

    Star vs the forces of evil

  68. Richard

    Star vs the forces of evil season 5!

  69. Andre Basso

    Pleeeease, we want Star vs the Forces of Evil.

  70. Bb_4

    Bring back star vs the forces of evil

  71. Bb_4

    Bring star vs the forces of evil

  72. Anonymous

    Disney, dude, don’t be a jerk. Please give us Star vs the Forces of Evil

  73. Meryem Gök

    Star vs the force of evil bring them back to us we need them and their absence hurts

  74. merlin

    Song of the South
    The Three Lives of Thomasina
    Third Man on the Mountain
    The Moon-Spinners
    Summer Magic
    Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow
    The Misadventures of Merlin Jones
    The Monkey’s Uncle
    Escapade in Florence
    The Horsemasters
    So Dear to My Heart
    The Gnome-Mobile
    Johnny Shiloh
    – and all the rest of the theatrical and foreign release features

    Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color/Disneyland/Walt Disney Presents/The Wonderful World of Disney
    The Mickey Mouse Club (all seasons)
    The Mouse Factory
    One Hour in Wonderland
    The Walt Disney Christmas Special 1952
    Disney Family Album
    Dateline Disneyland
    Opening Day at Walt Disney World

    All animated shorts and featurettes
    Archival shorts
    Original theatrical trailers
    Disneyland/Buena Vista music masters

    1. Lee

      Yes, I want all Disney cartoons, tv shows, movies, tv movies and just all Disney video to be available on Disney+.

  75. Amber

    Please add the watcher in the woods

  76. Sherwin

    Sister sister

  77. Elizabeth

    Hi can you add Rollie pollute Ollie and PB&J Otter! I would love for my kids to watch the same shows I did growing up!

  78. Kaitlyn R .

    I’d LOVE to see more PLAYHOUSE Disney like ;
    JOJO circus ,PB&J otter , bear & the big blue house , Rollie polie olie , &
    Stanley .
    I’d also like to see old shows like ; the proud family , sister sister , Brandy & Mr. Whiskers , Dave the barbarian , the Tarzan series , BUZZ lightyear the star command series , Aladdin the series , pepper Ann , & house of mouse .

  79. Maddy

    Rolls Polly Olly and The Wiggles need to be on there. As well as Proud family.

  80. santiago emanuel

    I want the season 5 of star vs forces of evil to pass

  81. trinity


  82. John

    Susie Q

  83. Brooke

    Rollie pollie Olie, Bear in the big blue house, and PB&J Otter

  84. Angela

    Susie Q is the greatest Disney Channel movie and needs to be here. As well as House of Mouse and all of the old school Mickey Mouse cartoons.

  85. TiffanyGlenn

    I want to watch the proud family!!!!

  86. Aracely

    Please put Star VS. The forces of evil!!! Please, it’s my favorite show and I can’t watch it anywhere and I had high Hope’s for Disney+

  87. DD Martin

    No deposit No Return should be added

  88. Cheyenne Brown

    Rolie Polie Olie please!

  89. Patricia Gale

    Please add Sister sister and the Disney channel original movie Under Wraps. Along with any other DCOMs that are not available on Disney plus.

  90. Delusion angel

    Star vs the forces of evil season 5!!

  91. Teresa

    The famous Jett jackson!!!!!!!!@

  92. Teresa

    Pb&j, rolie polie olie, all the 90s kids shows so I can show my kids what was the best things to watch in the morning

  93. jack

    The Hardy Boys
    The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty
    The New Adventures of Spin and Marty
    The complete original episodes of all Mickey Mouse Clubs
    Walt Disney’s Disneyland
    Walt Disney Presents
    Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color
    The Wonderful World of Disney
    Mary Poppins Returns
    Song of the South

  94. Tessa Hines

    Pb&j, rolie polie olie, all the 90s kids shows so I can show my kids what was the best things!

  95. Kendyl Moody

    Rolie polie olie!!!!!!

  96. Kendyl Moody

    Life size 1!

  97. Chasidi

    Add all of the spiderman movies.

  98. Phil


  99. Taylor

    Rolie Polie Olie and PB&J otter

  100. Eimy

    Can I add descendants 3

  101. Kayla

    Bear in the big blue house! Missing the playhouse Disney shows!

  102. Jakori

    Why isn’t “Bear in the big blue house” on Disney+????!!

  103. I think they should add STAR VS. THE FORCES OF EVIL . becauses its freakin awesome

  104. Tiffany

    Rollie polie Olie and pb&j otter!

  105. shay

    Please add The proud family , Brandy & Mr.Whiskers, & The buzz on maggie please

  106. Baylee

    Can you please please add star vs the forces of evil to Disney Plus? I never got to finish the show.

  107. Debbie

    We would love to see all the old Playhouse Disney shows… Rollie Polie Olie, Stanly and Bear in the Big Blue House. Also, Liv & Maddie.

  108. Babylin

    Star vs the forces of evil

  109. Jason

    star vs the forces of evil

  110. Tiffany

    Please bring Playhouse Disney shows to Disney+. I would love for my kids to be able to watch the same shows I watched and loved as a kid

  111. Bryn

    Please add Star vs the forces of evil.

  112. Lisa Sweeney

    Why is Rollie Polie and Bear in the Big Blue House not on Disney plus? Two great shows my kids watched when they were little. They should be here for the next generation of kids.

  113. Heather

    Star vs the forces of evil

    1. Mo


  114. Vanessa

    Tower of terror
    Under Wraps

  115. Anaz

    Star vs the forces of evil season 5 pleaseeee

  116. megan

    please add Star vs the forces of evil

  117. megan

    I’m not sure if I just missed it, but I don’t see the very first Phineas and Ferb episodes. I don’t know the names offhand but part one is the rollercoaster and part two is the backyard beach

  118. Weber

    Star vs the Forces of Evil should be added on Disney +

  119. Alejandra Diaz

    Where is Susie Q?

  120. Hailey E Hopkins


  121. Jkrose

    I want the proud family series to be on not just the movie #bringtheproudfamily

  122. BEe

    All of play house Disney! Want to share some of those with my nieces and nephews. Like rollie polie and jojos circus.

  123. Rollie Pollie Ollie please

  124. Sandra

    Rollie pollie Ollie pb&j Susie Q the 101 Dalmatians tv series Madeline and sister sister please. There’s to many good movies and shows missing on the Disney plus. Kinda upsetting

  125. Justin Wert

    Please add rolie polie olie!

  126. Myhia

    I mostly got Disney Plus for Playhouse Disney since they were advertising that there will be “ all shows” that they’ve ever made and I’m very disappointed that they don’t have my favorites like Bear in the Big Blue house!

  127. LRS

    Can you PLEASE add the Disney Channel movie Susie Q to the list??!!

  128. China Jackson

    Ant Farm, KC Undercover, Austin and Ally, Kim Possible, Fish Hooks
    Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Suite Life on Deck, Wander Over Yonder, Kickin It, Pair of Kings, Good Luck Charlie

  129. Ney

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add Rolie Polie Olie

  130. Gary

    PB AND J Otter, My Date With The Presidents Daughter, and Susie Q

  131. Annette

    Please add Summer Magic to Disney+.

  132. Ruvene

    Please add Decendants 3 and the orginally Proud Family and Kim Possible tv shows

  133. Sandra petersen

    I would like Disney plus to get dog with a blog and fish hooks on there

  134. Lexi

    Add A.N.T Farm to Disney+

  135. Emilion

    I want to see a fifth season or special movie of my favorite series and the only Star vs the forces of evil is the only thing I ask before I die ..

  136. Raysa Medrano

    Thanks to the fans we have been able to get svtfoe included to disney + but now with a lot of respect I want a movie. I want to know what will happen next with Star Marco mewni life and the earth I want to know many things

  137. Marina Torres

    Hello I would like to see once again more episodes of star versus the forces of evil now in Disney plus at least next year with new episodes where all fans will be happy with their platform #svtfoe

  138. Roman.The

    Hello good afternoon, I am from Venezuela, in my country very disastrous things are happening the truth, in addition to some family problems and at least I want to see svtfoe once again back with more episodes please. Actually this series is very important for me because I feel like a bra before falling into the void. And this series fills me with joy every day of joy until I am informed that they canceled it. Please, I want more episodes of this series. I want fifth season to STAR versus the forces of vil

  139. Karina

    Star vs the forces of evil New movie please!! #Savesvtfoe

  140. Paolo

    I want 5 season #svtfoe please we have reached more than 126,000k signatures on the petition that Valentina Ruiz made directed to the company to get more episodes in the future, thanks

  141. Bärąk

    My request is that I want to see another season for Starco vs the forces of evil please

  142. Alejandro

    I would like to be able to see beyond just Cleaved please, they advanced the final very abruptly and it is unfair that they have canceled it, please I want 5 season or movie for Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, justice please! #DisneyPlussvtfoe

  143. Liria

    It’s gonna get a little weird
    Get getta a little waild
    In’t for around here
    I from another dimension
    Get getta a little weird
    Gonna have a good time!
    In’t for around here
    I from another wo-hoo!
    Im talking rainbows
    Im talking puppies
    Puh puh puh puh puh puh!!!
    Get getta a little weird
    Get getta little waild
    In’t for around here
    Im from another dimension!
    I want a movie please! Svtfoe

  144. Kilah

    I’d really love if Rolie Polie Olie was added! It was one of my favorites as a child, and I’d love to watch it all now as an adult too, haha. Thank you in advance!

  145. Tashi

    Add Rolie Polie Olie !!!

  146. Octavio

    I want a fifth season of Star Vs the Forces of Evil

  147. EmA

    Disney+ please let us have a continuation of Star vs. The forces of evil ?. A movie or season 5! Of course let the staff rest but at least consider this. A lot of fans want this.

  148. Julie

    The Horsemasters

    1. steph

      please add fish hooks! I loved that show!

  149. Melissa

    I need some Roly Poly Olie and PB&J Otter! I wanna do the noodle dance and I want my daughter to learn it!

  150. Andrew Butler

    Bring Rollie Pollie Ollie and all the Playhouse Disney shows to Disney+!!

  151. Brendan Chapman

    Descendents 3 and the house of mouse

  152. Genesis

    Please add a season 5 to Star vs The Forces of evil !!

  153. Kennedy

    Please add fish hooks on Disney +

  154. Arin

    Can y’all please add
    Rolie Polie Olie?

  155. Emily

    The Moon-Spinners

  156. Lori

    I hoped Three Lives of Tomasina would be available. This was my favorite movie when I was 10 y/o- please make this beautiful memory available?

  157. Taylor

    I would like rolie polie olie added to Disney + please.

  158. How about Way Down Cellar, I missed the second half due to the east coast blackout when I was a kid, would like to see it.

  159. could fish hooks be added to disney plus

  160. Elizabeth N Diaz

    We would like to see 90s playhouse disney on here! Rolie Polie Olie, PB&J Otter, Jojos circus, Bear in the Big Blue House! I think there also used to be an Aladdin show? Thank you ☺

  161. Jenelle Kaminski

    The Buzz On Maggie! That tv show about a fly in high school that wants to be a pop star! I can’t remember the theme song would love to see it!

  162. Jazzy

    Please add Fish Hooks

  163. EricJ

    Sounds like a blowoff (remember Amazon’s “Add your name to our list”?), since they’re pretty much only adding old films that have already been HD-upgraded for Disney Movie Club Blu-rays.
    Still, that WOULD now include “Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow”…

  164. Darrin Hecimovich

    Please bring Rolie Polie Olie back please please and Dave the barbarian and Brandy and Mr. Whiskers

  165. Ash

    The 2010 movie 16 Wishes

    1. @Disneyplus and Season 5 of Star Vs The Forces of Evil ?, Or the Movie ?, For when?
      We have been fighting for 7 months for our beloved series to continue, we are at Christmas and I want a good Christmas gift which would be season 5 of SVTFOE, if necessary, we will spend the holidays asking for Season

  166. Ash

    The Sandlot 2

  167. good, nice post, thanks for sharing!

  168. Po

    Star vs force of Evil please!!! My daughter loves that sure

  169. REK

    Please add “North Avenue Irregulars” and “The World’s Greatest Athlete.”

  170. Kassy Moudry

    We want
    Rolie polie olie
    Bear in the big blue house
    And out of the box

  171. Lee

    Disney+ has an incredible amount of stuff available but there is so much missing from the past that I was looking forward to having available. Actually I was expecting all Disney cartoons, movies, tv-movies and tv shows from the beginning of Disney to the present (except the more recent stuff that is licensed to other streaming providers). Please really open the Disney vaults.

  172. Franziska Schlecht

    Star vs the forces of evil!!!!

  173. Jenny

    Rollie Pollie Ollie
    Bear in the big blue house
    Susie Q

  174. Erin Oakes

    Please add Rolie Polie Olie. It was one my older sister and I loved to watch together.

  175. Megan Layne

    •Susie Q
    •Model behavior
    •My date with the presidents daughter
    •Clarissa explains it all

  176. Sam

    Summer Magic
    The Parent Trap parts 2&3

  177. Laura

    Summer magic and the moonspinners

  178. Nicole

    Disappointed life size isn’t on Disney+ but life size 2 is… soooo disappointed about this!

  179. Russell John Thomas

    Johnny shiloh I would love to see this on disney plus

  180. Can you please add under wraps that was a good Halloween Disney movie

  181. Morgan

    Please bring the little vampire

  182. Barbara

    Can you add tower of terror and under wraps

  183. Lolo

    Gnome mobile

  184. Jessie Renner

    Jojo’s circus is a must

  185. Callie

    I want Summer of the monkeys and the jungle book 1994

  186. Laurie

    Playhouse Disney please!
    Jojo’s circus!

  187. Jayda

    Rollie Pollie Ollie

    1. Request

      Can we please bring back Jojo circus!!!! Bring all of playhouse Disney back!

  188. I would love to see Rollie Pollie Ollie and Bear in the Bog Blue House on Disney+. I really enjoyed them as a child and I know my kid would love them, too. TIA!

  189. Jeannette

    Please add Polly, and Polly Comin’ Home starring Phylicia Rashad and Keisha Knight Pulliam to Disney+

  190. Antonella

    I would love to see “Higglytown Heroes”, “Rolie Polie Olie” and “JoJo’s Circus”, I hope I’m not the only one

  191. Brenda

    Add American legends

  192. Kassie

    Just got Disney plus today and one of the top 5 movies I searched to see if it was included was the three lives of tomasina, please add this title!!!

  193. Shona

    Add Polly and Polly Comin Home please.

  194. Frank Harvey

    Would love to see Susie Q and my date with the presidents daughter added to Disney Plus

  195. Chelsie davis

    Please add the playhouse Disney cartoons. Rollie Pollie Ollie , pbj otter

  196. Carla

    Life size the original

    1. Olivia

      Can you please add the first mostly ghostly movie

  197. Jennifer Fantasia

    Life size

  198. jodi m hendrickson

    Please Add the wiggles, bill nye the science guy and school house rocks!

  199. Patty

    Please bring Jojos Circus, Bear in the Big Blue House and the original Disney sing alongs to Disney+! Please!

  200. Christina Ann Eucare

    I would like to see all of the Playhouse Disney shows I grew up with like Rollie Pillie Olie PB&Otter JoJo’s Circus

  201. Alyssa

    We need johnny and the sprites!!

  202. starco

    starvs forces of evil 5 season please

  203. Dikra

    Kickin’ it needs to be on Disney + or Netflix

  204. Jayne Sandstrom

    PLEASE bring the Three Lives of Thomasina!!’

    1. Jessica Hodges

      Rollie pollie Ollie please!!!

  205. Jojo’s circus would be nice.

  206. Betty

    Please add polly, I love that movie

  207. Alexandra

    Pb&j otter and jojo circus
    And rollie pollie ollie
    Bear in the big blue house

  208. Kayla

    Pb & j otter and jojo’s circus

  209. jannik colding

    i would relly love Star vs the Forces of Evil to come on Disney +

  210. Audrey

    My son loved The Koala Brothers, PB&J Otter, and JoJo’s Circus.

  211. Amanda Rhides

    Please bring Tower of terror movie to disney plus.

  212. Colleen

    Please add Polly. I want my girls to see this wonderful movie.

  213. Rod

    How come you don’t have Johnny Shiloh on Disney there are old people out here as well would like to see some of the older movies the Disney has done


    I would like to see Polly and Polly Comin Home.

  215. Please bring the 1994 Angels in the Outfield movie to Disney+!! This was my childhood

  216. Denise Paulson

    Please add Summer Magic!

  217. Samantha

    Please add Higglytown heroes, doodlebops and Charlie and Loloa! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

    1. Crystal

      Please add The Little Vampire

  218. Sammy

    And please add Jojo’s circus and bear in the big blue house!!!

  219. Michael Harris

    How about adding the original Kidnapped and Third Man on the Mountain. These two films were my favorite as a child.

  220. Please add Polly to Disney Plus.

  221. Tina Thompson

    Please bring back the old disney playhouse shows like rolie polie okie, on and j otter and bear in the big blue house

  222. Nikki

    Can we get The Happiest Millionaire?! I see it’s available to purchase on Amazon Prime though so maybe that’s why. ??‍♀️

  223. Tara

    can you please add polly from 1989

  224. Akeelah Bonsignore

    Please add the little vampire on Disney plus

  225. Nia

    I Would Love To See The Buzz On Maggie And Brandy And Mr. Whiskers On Disney+ Those Shows Were Iconic ❤

  226. Karen

    When is Jungle Cruise going to be on Disney +???

  227. Dustin Sears

    We really need no deposit no return pleasssseeeee

  228. Nichole Marbury

    Can you please add the made for TV movie Polly

  229. Moe

    Add all the play house Disney shows please

  230. Pete

    We need Jojo circus on Disney plus

  231. I was thinking Disney+ should have Johnny and the sprites, the wiggles, jojo circus, Charlie and Lola, Bear and the big blue house, Breakfast with Bear, Shanahan’s showpb&j otter, the Doodlebops Rolly Polly Olly.

  232. Hailey

    Can you add the little vampire please?

  233. Jill

    Dumbo’s Circus, Welcome to Pooh Corner, Under the Umbrella Tree, Adventures in Wonderland, 90s Mickey Mouse Club, Susie Q, Disney’s Sing along songs from the 90s, Sebastian’s Party Gras, Sebastian’s Caribbean Jamboree, Escape to Witch Mountain 90’s version with Erik Von Detten, Freaky Friday 90’s version with Gabbi Hoffman.

  234. I would really like for things like bear in the big blue house and Roly polie oliy to be put on Disney+ for my kids

  235. Kristy Welch

    Jojo’s Circus

  236. Kristy Welch

    The Watcher in the Woods

  237. Kristy Welch

    Higgley Town Hero’s

  238. Talitha James

    Polly the TV movie first and second one. Cory in the house. The new Mickey Mouse club and Enchanted

  239. Heather Brookbank

    It does not have diary of a wimpy kid dog days, pirates of the Caribbean 4, or summer of the monkeys, but it says it does.

  240. Brez

    I would like for the Little Vampire to be on there please! And any of the other movies and shows that come on during Halloween such as Mostly ghostly, Tim Burton movies, and so on. Thank you!

  241. Dakota

    Rollie Pollie Ollie and Jojo’s Circus.

  242. AJ

    Please bring Dave The Barbarian, and Brandy and Mister Whiskers.

  243. bpd

    In fact when someone doesn’t know afterward its up to other viewers that they will help,
    so here it takes place.

  244. Haylea Bennett

    The first life size movie please! You cannot find it anywhere online other than to buy a dvd copy and the second one is on Disney plus so I do not understand why the first one is not.

  245. Cl

    Summer Magic (1963), The One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (1968).

  246. Olivia

    Can you please add the little vampire, Brandy and mr whiskers and Cory in the house

    1. Susie

      Under Wraps
      The little vampire (2000)

  247. Tanya

    Please add Up Up and away! Luck of the Irish!

  248. Kimberly

    Cory in the House
    Brandy & Mr Whiskers
    The Buzz on Maggie

  249. Sean

    Put the original Under Wraps on Disney+

  250. Megan S.

    The only movie I can think of that needs to be on Disney plus for the month of October is the little vampire. That has always been one of my favorites and probably always will be.

  251. Jay mack

    Where is The movie the little vampire from the year 2000 it is missing from disneybplus as well and im not talking about the cartoon version

  252. Can you add little vampire . I was looking for a classic Halloween movie and couldn’t find it 🙁

  253. Alexis Dangelo

    Please put “The Little Vampire”, “Tower or Terror” they have a Disney ride of it so it’s very important. And the old version of “Under Wraps

  254. Erin Ordakowski

    I agree with you on what you said about both Halloween, and Disney+. I also think that they should put Wish Upon a Star, Jojo’s Circus, Dave the Barbarian, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Yin Yang Yo!, and Kid vs. Kat, on Disney+. Today is the 25th anniversary for Wish Upon a Star. I looked.

  255. Erin Ordakowski

    Sorry. That big anniversary isn’t today, it was yesterday. I started typing my first comment about Wish Upon a Star before Midnight, which was technically yesterday, and finished typing that one comment after Midnight, which would be technically today. I just looked again.

  256. Erin Ordakowski

    I agree with the people who mentioned Susie Q that it should be on Disney+. This year was the 25th anniversary for Susie Q. I just looked.

  257. T’Neil

    I would love it if Disney plus added all the old play house Disney episodes for the children and the parents nostalgia. Such as the old Mickey Mouse club house episodes where they were in the speak Easy as well as all of the other episodes from the 90’s and early 2000’s. These new cartoons do not catch the attention of the children or teach as good of lessons as the early on cartoons did. As well as I would love all of the episodes and movies from the 90’s and early 2000’s of Disney channel to be added when they were using the wands to introduce the next show and movie. I know I’ve see most but I know that’s not all and I love sharing what I trees up on with my nieces, nephews and children. I even have my boyfriend watching Disney plus with me just for that feeling of back in the day.

  258. Joseph

    Bring back the little vampire. It was my childhood favorite. Taught me how to branch out and make new friends. And Corey in the house

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