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Woody and Bo Peep from Toy Story

Credit: Disney/Pixar


  1. AJ

    Please bring Dave The Barbarian, and Brandy and Mister Whiskers.

  2. bpd

    In fact when someone doesn’t know afterward its up to other viewers that they will help,
    so here it takes place.

  3. Haylea Bennett

    The first life size movie please! You cannot find it anywhere online other than to buy a dvd copy and the second one is on Disney plus so I do not understand why the first one is not.

  4. Cl

    Summer Magic (1963), The One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (1968).

  5. Olivia

    Can you please add the little vampire, Brandy and mr whiskers and Cory in the house

    1. Susie

      Under Wraps
      The little vampire (2000)

  6. Tanya

    Please add Up Up and away! Luck of the Irish!

  7. Kimberly

    Cory in the House
    Brandy & Mr Whiskers
    The Buzz on Maggie

  8. Sean

    Put the original Under Wraps on Disney+

  9. Megan S.

    The only movie I can think of that needs to be on Disney plus for the month of October is the little vampire. That has always been one of my favorites and probably always will be.

  10. Jay mack

    Where is The movie the little vampire from the year 2000 it is missing from disneybplus as well and im not talking about the cartoon version

  11. Can you add little vampire . I was looking for a classic Halloween movie and couldn’t find it 🙁

  12. Alexis Dangelo

    Please put “The Little Vampire”, “Tower or Terror” they have a Disney ride of it so it’s very important. And the old version of “Under Wraps

  13. Erin Ordakowski

    I agree with you on what you said about both Halloween, and Disney+. I also think that they should put Wish Upon a Star, Jojo’s Circus, Dave the Barbarian, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Yin Yang Yo!, and Kid vs. Kat, on Disney+. Today is the 25th anniversary for Wish Upon a Star. I looked.

  14. Erin Ordakowski

    Sorry. That big anniversary isn’t today, it was yesterday. I started typing my first comment about Wish Upon a Star before Midnight, which was technically yesterday, and finished typing that one comment after Midnight, which would be technically today. I just looked again.

  15. Erin Ordakowski

    I agree with the people who mentioned Susie Q that it should be on Disney+. This year was the 25th anniversary for Susie Q. I just looked.

  16. T’Neil

    I would love it if Disney plus added all the old play house Disney episodes for the children and the parents nostalgia. Such as the old Mickey Mouse club house episodes where they were in the speak Easy as well as all of the other episodes from the 90’s and early 2000’s. These new cartoons do not catch the attention of the children or teach as good of lessons as the early on cartoons did. As well as I would love all of the episodes and movies from the 90’s and early 2000’s of Disney channel to be added when they were using the wands to introduce the next show and movie. I know I’ve see most but I know that’s not all and I love sharing what I trees up on with my nieces, nephews and children. I even have my boyfriend watching Disney plus with me just for that feeling of back in the day.

  17. Joseph

    Bring back the little vampire. It was my childhood favorite. Taught me how to branch out and make new friends. And Corey in the house

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