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    Nice writeup. Sticking with D+ for the long haul.

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    Frustrated there isn’t a way to restart from beginning without pausing and manually scrolling to the beginning.

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    I have lucked out. I haven’t experienced any negative connection issues, tech issues have been at a zero for me and all I have to do is press “play” at the main page of a tv series and it takes me to the last episode and spot I was watching. I’ve been having a blast! Not sure how I got so much pixie dust.

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    Melanie Durham

    I’m with Disney+ for as long as I’m alive or as long as I can afford it! I have not had any problems thus far! As with anything there will be bumps along the way! I paused the Mandalorian last night and haven’t resumed it yet, but I’m curious to see if it has saved it! If not, not biggie! I’m not going to scream and holler about it

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    It does seem like such a basic function that I have to ask why I didn’t launch with this feature? With Netflix, Hulu and other streaming platforms alreay having pioneered these types of services there really is no excuse to not have an idea of basic functions. I’m sure they will remedy this but it is a little ridiculous in the meantime.

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    There is a resume button. If you stop watching something in the middle and come back later to finish a resume button appears, click it and it starts from where you left off.

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    Bev bell

    I 🥰the Disney +
    I binged in 3 days all the Spin and Marty episodes
    It was so refreshing to view some wholesome kids learning to interact and grow in friendship

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    Yes, the lack of a visual clue to watched episodes is a major flaw to an otherwise decent (Netflix clone) interface. But, I got suckered into a year subscription so I’m screwed.

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