Comments for Christian Navarro slams Disney: Casting ‘the White Guy’ in “The Little Mermaid”

Navarro vs Hauer-King

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  1. Sam


  2. Anthony DeLeonibus

    Maybe Disney didn’t like Navarro’s audition. Is this a public blackmail scheme?

  3. Just stop crying you look like the world biggest cry baby, get over yourself.

  4. Jd

    Enough it’s not always about racism. Grow up.

  5. Melanie Durham

    I have to agree with the masses here, he is being childish! Disney has a vision, perhaps, and maybe his audition wasn’t up to par! Disney is being diverse and fair, just because he didn’t get the part he’s stomping his feet! Listen, I loved his character in 13 Reasons Why, but maybe this is not a good fit for him! (Obviously!)

  6. Miranda

    If you participate in a film like 13 Reasons Why (seriously still cringing over that glorified suicide mess, should have stayed a book), and then continue to try to catch Disney’s attention by saying “it should be me”, and THEN pulling the race card when you don’t get the part (and using diversity as an excuse like a colored woman and a white man isn’t diverse enough for you sir), then I absolutely agree with Disney’s decision to not cast you.

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