Comments for OpEd: The problem with censoring classic Disney movies on Disney+

Dumbo Controversy

Credit: Kelly Coffey/ITM/Disney


  1. Ken Hutchinson

    They should be left alone. Remember when they were made. I am getting sick of tired of the PC culture and no pretty much ignore everything they say. I am Jewish and the I think Monty Python And The Life of Brian is hilarious. It would never get made today because of the PC Police. For that matter I bought a copy of Song Of The South from Great Britain and it is not nearly as bad the pc police suggest, a bit silly is all the pc police elevate what word have died on its own except of their help.

  2. Aaron

    I think presenting them uncut, but with the disclaimer, is 100% the right way to go about it.

  3. Nachtwulf

    I too am glad they didn’t try to cut them. WB cut up their Looney Tunes and left incoherent, crippled wrecks behind, and I’m glad that Disney didn’t. Film, like any other art form, is a product of its time, and understanding how art interprets the perspectives of when it was created is important no matter what. It’s entirely up to parents to take advantage of this instead of waiting for bland pablum to be dished out to their kids that doesn’t evoke even a VAGUE attempt at thought.

    Also, as the owner of a purebred Siamese cat, I can 100% confirm that those brats’ behavior is pretty bloody accurate. Mine will -absolutely- blame malfeasance on the other cats in the house.

  4. Paul R Davis

    Please stop taking apart movies or not showing them because it may offend someone . If they Don’t like it then they have the Right not to watch that movie

  5. Sheri DeOrio

    I agree that they should be left alone. The disclaimer is enough.

  6. Edward McGowan

    They should be left alone. Disclaimers are all you need.
    If you don’t like them you have a choice not to watch them.

  7. James Farquhar

    The question of the day seems to be WHY? I get all the political correctness of the entitlement world of today. BUT, these classics are not of the world today! Stop trying to redo history, it is history because it is a thing of the past. The disclaimers are nothing more than a pacification of the newly “hurt about everything” crowd. Please leave these classics alone…if a parent is being a parent, then they will have a “LEARNING/TEACHING” moment with their children instead of an electronic babysitter. I know this sounds crass to many out there; I grew up with these in their 1st release…it was a different time and we laughed at the silliness of it all. It is entertainment for entertainment sake…it is not meant in malice or to be disrespectful.

  8. Matt Brewster

    The disclaimer seems the least objectionable “solution” to this “problem.”

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