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Robin Williams Jungle Cruise

Credit: Hollywood Reporter/Disneyy


  1. Lynn Arnett

    Have you no shame at all? You should never divulge this information publicly if you are privileged to it on a private level. Could we please protect the magic for those of us who still treasure it? If you don’t believe in Santa isn’t going to stop at your house.

  2. So, the key to success: work as a skipper on the Jungle Cruise.

  3. Larry Gould

    I don’t agree that Robin Williams or Kevin Costner worked as cast members at Disneyland. I saw Robin Williams when he received the Legends award. He never mentioned working at Disneyland. Kevin Costner mentioned an incident when he actually ran into Walt Disney at the Pack Mule attraction in his acceptance speech when he was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame. He has never mentioned working at the Park.

  4. Edward P Giering

    Its amazing how much the same Michelle Pfeiffer and Alyson Reed look as Alice.

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