Comments for Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh” Loungefly bags now available

Eeyore Loungefly Backpack

Credit: BoxLunch


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    When is this available?!? I just looked for it on the website and it’s not there.

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    Where did you find this info? Been in there website frontwards and backwards, can’t find it!!!
    Please share!

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    Evonne Brooks

    I hope it appears online soon.I need this to match the Eeyore cardholder I bought.The good thing is there are none on Ebay so we haven’t missed it!

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    I asked BoxLunch and all they said was that is was coming soon and to keep an eye on the website.

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    This is not available yet! I have searched Box Lunch, Loungefly, and Shop Disney – nothing!

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    Lici ♡

    This is the backpack, I’ve been waiting for since forever! My dream is finally a reality!
    I am still searching the website’s (BoxLunch, LoungeFly, Disney, etc) and found 1 result for the backpack, on (Mercari) but they are asking $100 plus. Too pricey for my taste. Hopefully, like the fellow reviews said that it will arrive on the websites soon. I dont know how much longer I can wait. Lol!

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    OMG I can’t wait for this to be available. I am a big Eeyore fan.

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