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Universal Orlando sign and Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser machines

Credit: Universal Orlando/Coca-Cola


  1. Damion

    Probably because he was filling his cup up then dumping it into other cups in an attempt to provide drinks for everyone in his party.

  2. Harley

    Are we serious??? Do people just not have anything to do but sue theme parks! I had 2 managers at uni curse me out and tell me its my kids fault he has problems and they can not assist him! Do you see me suing no bc its not worth it! At least i probably have a case… soda mugs are you serious!? Wow just wow!

  3. Rob

    Luis Arnaud needs to grow up and stop acting like a spoilt child.

  4. Darth Kong

    Yeah, but the guy is right.

    Everybody is commenting on how petty, or spoiled or silly or time-wasting his suit is (and I don’t disagree with any of that), but at the end of the day, if Universal is actually advertising their product with the word “unlimited”, and there are limitations, then they do need to print the rules of what “unlimited” means someplace before purchase, because, by any other definition, the guy is right.

    And yeah, I’m sure the 10 minute thing is there to prevent exactly what Damion suggested. But again, if they don’t define it, then this guy, by advertising standards, can do whatever he wants with his “unlimited” refills.

    All in all, this is a real simple fix. Change the one word, Universal, then give this guy a special cup and tell him, “Here, for one day, you, Sir, can fill this cup up as much as you’d like. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for pointing it out. It will NEVER happen again because we changed the ONE word.”

    1. Mark

      Unfortunately we are talking about universal where the team members could care less and not disney right????

  5. Kat Mend

    OMG what a bunch of crap! I went for the first time a year ago and even I read this everywhere!

  6. Deren

    Disney does the same thing in their water parks, but it is only 4 minutes in-between. And I have been actually joking about a lawsuit for that 9 minute wait for years. And sometimes the freestyle machine malfunctions and it thinks you got the fill when you didn’t and makes you wait another 9 minutes. As an annual passholder that uses this weekly I can tell you that it is aggravating……also they just raised the price to$10 from $8 for the refills when you already have their cup with the chip in it……

  7. Rich

    Yes this happen to me and now I want to join in this suit

  8. Carlos Yorg

    Legitimate complaint about Universal Unlimited Freestyle: Water SHOULD NOT count as a refill, and should instead be the one drink unlocked for everyone to use.

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