Comments for Universal Orlando employee fired after using white power hand symbol in family photo

Family Gru Meet and Greet

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. Mark

    Its not only a symbol of hate but its like another way to say someone should beep off or beep you in ASL (bc this is a magical sight i didnt want to say it).
    This is shameful but i am not surprised this is the downside to companies hiring people whom dont really care or want to be there! Or do not respect the rules let alone others.
    Its sad but esp at theme parks you answer a 30 pt questionnaire in resume faze to worm out the wrong people and some places do 2 interviews before hiring… how do these people still get past but people whom want to become cast get looked over! Its like hhn how many people leave bc they do not care and its not fun anymore what did you think being an actor was??? Being a performer is still a job and not just fun and games! Sorry!

    1. Nachtwulf

      I have to say ‘because they’re actors’. Anyone can put down on a resume/quiz what they want the interviewer to see. Probably didn’t figure anyone would notice. But yeah, you could be a screaming sociopath and pass those quizzes with flying colors as long as you’re good at planning out what you want the person reading it to think. They’re a terrible metric for personality but I suppose there’s not a great solution besides that.

  2. maggie

    wth said it was ok for racists to appropriate the “ok” sign anyway? How about people who for decades have been using that very innocuously who now might get in trouble for doing so, we have to relearn it why? LGBTQ confiscated the rainbow, too. I didn’t give anyone my aproval for taking things that I used my whole life so now it means something else. peck off.

    1. Harley

      Like mark said above putting it in a different place means the f word in ASL always has! You do not know what could offend and thats the way it always has been! Not just bc the world is now PC! You need to chill out and not judge out of assumption you know best.

  3. Lady

    I’m 50 years old and have no idea what this alleged symbol of hate is…I’ve asked my family and friends (all college graduates, all very aware of society, racism, etc., some young, some old, all very progressive) and we are all scratching our heads trying to figure out what the “symbol of hate” this family is speaking of. Is it possible people are getting a little to excited about hand symbols? My husband laughed and said it was probably a teenager in the costume who had no idea what the symbol meant….thought he was being cool.

  4. Carta

    I scratched my arse the wrong way the other day and now I have to hire a lawyer…. I can’t understand.. I really didn’t mean anything… I don’t know anything about bananas or anything…I just want my job back.Really….

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