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rey the last jedi

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  1. “Rey’s true identity has been up for debate since ‘The Force Awakens,’ and with all of the buzz surrounding the upcoming film, it doesn’t seem like fans will be let down in the slightest once everything has been revealed.”

    You underestimate the power of the Star Wars fandom. As much as I want her to be the daughter of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, Lucasfilm will have something different that will sure tick the fans off, no matter what.

    I’m already hearing theories she’s a clone. Regardless of what happens or who she is, I will be sitting down and watching the fireworks. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

  2. Harley

    No offense to ITM but the more people chat about guesses etc. Makes people give in to not caring!
    I wish rumors and stuff would stop i wish trailers stop showing half the movie! I wish we could just watch the movie and enjoy it!
    Personal i think clone is such a cheap way out and the negativity surrounding 7-9 will just continue if they wanted to save these 3 movies you make her someone w purpose!
    If thats someone we know you gain back fans you lost by letting them be all skywalkers but even if shes no one thats okay i think too much talk makes people not care!

  3. Mickey

    I never asked that question personally. She happens to be one of my favorite four characters from the series. Finn, Luke, and Yoda are my other favorites. Which movie did Luke get married in? I thought that he was always single. I must have missed that somewhere along the line. Didn’t Rey say that her parents were taken to the dark side in movie vii? What happened to Luke’s mother? Did she get killed or injured somewhere?

    1. Harley

      Lukes mom padme got killed in ep 3 obiwan sends leia to bail organa and luke to his aunt and uncle and stays to watch him hence where we end up in 4!
      Luke in old cannon now legacy marries mara jade whom he rescues before the emperors ship blows up in a cont story from book!
      They have kids one of whom is a girl very similar to rey… so even though thats not cannon anymore in the stories leia and han son jacen is like ren even more ruthless. So its just assumption. Hope that helps!

  4. A

    I wanna still believe she’s nobody relevant to the skywalkers but the title makes me want to Allude to being Kylos long lost sister

    1. Mickey

      That does help. Thank you, Harley. I’ve never read the stories. How true are the movies to the books?

      1. Harley

        I am an old soul and avid reader so is my kid we always turn to books first (like now we are reading the book for galaxy edge which really helps paint a better picture of batuu then heres swge enjoy)!
        I always enjoyed the novels to the movies i still believe the legacy books are still better than cannon but thats just me! In the world of its all on the internet why do i need a book abcd… theres just something about gaining a better story but thats my 2 cents you do not have to agree i just wanted to respond.
        Btw JJ claims he isnt using non cannon but its hard not to see the similarites like i said above.

  5. Jackie

    I love to see her be erza and sabines daughter! Tie it all together!
    At least it wouldnt be a total nobody bc ezra and sabine were both strong characters on rebels! As far as we know sabine was still alive. It wouldnt be too much of stretch! At this pt her being a skywalker more than she just adopted the name bc they were more family to her then the nobodies whom dropped her on jakku.
    Thats as good as i read theres a rumor out there she was Cloned from lukes hand! Lol!
    Though anything is better than shes a clone at this pt i think fans would have a fit even more than batuu actually if that happens where its like its got to be sick joke i think more people (even if slightly sarcastic) would prefer batuu over it!

    1. Rebel Porg

      I already perfer batuu over it!

      1. Rebel Porg

        Ps. If vi wasnt a new character w her own story via the book could have sworn she was sabine or some relative the way she is uncanny to her even the blue hair!

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