Comments for Disney removes “Star Wars”-themed names from Galaxy’s Edge menu

The Smoked Kaadu Ribs docking bay 7

Credit: David Roark/Disney Parks


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    Chuck Cowart

    What The Heck? Really liberals and Millennials and Stupid uneducated people.
    This Is A Huge Mistake

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      😧 really pal

      It’s a language issue

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      Rayelle E Walters

      As a liberal and a millenial I am also disappointed. It must be lonely on your island.🤣

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    What can I say? This is lame…it takes away from the theming and immersion. Their was a description of the food under the name on the menu, so sorry that tells me people are just lazy, not too bright, or aloof. If it was a language barrier thing, then just inform them at the register. With the lackluster reception this “land” has had, they’re not helping themselves.

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      Rayelle E Walters

      Really, how disappointing. It was a unique and cool idea (it wasn’t like they didn’t give a clear description of what it was under the name). If people don’t like the theme of immersion then eat at Toy Story land and don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

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    We’ve seen so much evidence of Galaxy’s Edge tanking, and now they are taking away from the theming. If Disney would have based the majority of this land on the first 3 movies, which most fans are familiar with, instead of the awful new ones, this land would be more successful.

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    Ken Hutchinson

    Figures Disney has an underperforming area. Rather than listen to the people who are going to make your area a success by little things to make the area more like Star Wars rather than something they just cobbled together over a weekend they make the names generic, And the same goes for this article. Go out and kiss some babies and run for office, I am tired of Disney Apologists,

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    I hate to say it but… This makes sense.

    While the concept of “An Immersive Star Wars Land” may be interesting, the execution is a flop. Increased prices, the rise of health awareness and the decline in Star Wars Fandom has made it that most park guests aren’t there to play a game of “guess the $18 mystery meat”.

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      Apparently you havent gone a description of what your eating is under it … its called lazy tourists that do not want to read so we have to dummy it down but pandora still has their odd foods i still dont get what i am eating…. docking bays batuuans are def more helpful then the grumpy pandora dining rooms.

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    Carmine Crincoli

    This is outrageous! I don’t like the changes and I like the Star Wars themed names more!

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    You put the creative names in for fan service do you even ask a fan before you took it away… NO!
    Just bc you think the money comes from tourists doesnt mean you go and change something or become like the idiots in their own little universe up the street!
    You know why many park people whom support the dame parks are starting to leave bc of moments like this!
    Oh good give us epcot back but turn a blind eye to the fact what your trying to fix at epcot too dame late is restarting at dhs! Soon the experience wont be there nor will it be batuu or swge it will just be another 2 star wars ride in a star wars land! Sad just sad!

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