Comments for Disney adds “Star Wars” names back to Galaxy’s Edge menu at Disney World

docking bay 7 star wars menu

Credit: David Roark/Disney Parks


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    David H Schroeder

    Hoorah! This is a step (back) in the right direction. Good for them!

    Now, WDW just needs to add the Ithorian Loaf to their menu. Disneyland has it, and it’s delicious!

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    Yay! They added the ‘Star Wars Themed’ names back! I’m so glad they listened to us! Thank you so much WDW!

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    Darth Ach-to

    Oh wow! Now that they’ve listened to us about this, does it mean that they’re going to add the “Star Wars” back to the rest of the land too?!

    COOL! I can’t wait to meet Luke, Han, Yoda, Darth Vader, Emperor, Leia, Padme, Anakin, Mace Windu, Lando, a Jawa, Boba Fett, Sandpeople, Count Dooku, Jar Jar, C3PO, Jabba, ANY Jedi, Clone or Imperial Officer.

    That’s great. Thanks for listening, Disney. Oh, and add some of the famous Star Wars music too while we’re walking around.

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    I can not believe disney listened omg do you think it be too much to ask for…
    Horizons back instead of a dead trap and health scare… aec back in tomorrowland… hm to not have a dumb interactive queue and use those funds i dont know to bring hattie to wdw maybe…. bring back dhs fun stuff that wouldn’t have gotten old like gmr, monster sound show & add another something on the star tours side to keep people from complaining about batuu and wave them back over to note thats tattonie and endor aka old star wars vs new star wars at galaxy edge!
    Do you think that request is too much while we have their attn i do not think so!
    Oh and please do not repeat the dumb mistake of 25th cake castle or golden ears for your 50th tacky!

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