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Linda Woolverton

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  1. Erik

    I understand her sentiment here, mostly because I’ve grown up with all these characters who i considered strong female leads. However people kept saying we need a strong female character. I didn’t see things the way these other people did. It seemed to me once this term became commonplace that the characters built around this term became less developed and rounded. I have no problem with a female lead, i do however enjoy watching or reading about a character who is multi-faceted with plenty to dig into besides a simple power fantasy and take charge attitude. Some of my favorite characters in books and movies are more than reluctant and faulted. And thats ok. It makes them relatable. As for whether its good for women for people to build characters around it? Well I’m not in a position to say as a dude, but i have a twin who grew up with the same media i did and shes beyond strong. So i think characters should just be honorable and good while having quirks and flaws like everyone does.

  2. C Bishop

    My daughter did a TEDx talk entitled “Why I Dislike Strong Female Characters” last year as a 10th grade student. She adores Disney, but would concur with the Disney writers.

  3. Mary

    Everyone knows women are strong……so much so , that I feel it is a large contributor to the break up of families. Women are not men. Women are so unique and strong that they can reproduce. Their natural ability to be mothers is special,…..and needs to be celebrated. Men are strong protectors by nature ….We all have our place in life that God intended.

  4. Puddy Dat

    The trend is to make females masculine, not empowered. How can you make a woman act like a man without denigrating her?
    What’s worse is that hack writers want both — a Mary Sue.
    Who wants to watch a character that has no story arc? This describes the SJW movement, flat, dull and passionless. The only thing that gets them going is their hatred of the ‘establishment’ that shames them.
    So they write Mary Sues who don’t make any sense, but manage to humiliate men.

  5. jish55

    Ask anyone who the best female characters are from Disney, they’ll say Belle, Mulan, Tianna, Rapunzel, and Elsa. Now, what do these characters have in common? Simple, they’re not perfect. Characters don’t have to be warriors to be considered “strong and independent”. What’s more, making their characters perfect puts horrible expectations on the viewers, saying that if they’re flawed, they’re not worthy of certain things. Hell, just look at the remake of Mulan, which was basically saying “the only way a girl can be skilled is by being born magical and perfect in every way and that all girls should be.”

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