Comments for The Rise of Skywalker obliterates Avengers: Endgame pre-sale ticket record

Rise of Skywalker Avengers: Endgame

Credit: Lucasfilm/Marvel Studios


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    Ken Hutchinson

    Well I already have my tickets. In the days preceding it I will re-watch Star Wars 1-7 to get ready. I of course will not be watching The Last Jedi. I have hopes that 9 will fix some of that crap from that disaster called 8.

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      Unfortunatelly the abominations that can´t be fixed are unforgiven. The list of problems created so far is too big. Star Wars is already dead.

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        Its sad you all complain about 8 but 1-3 came before it and they were way worse that most fans ignore they were made and they were made by your saintly lucas…. so give it a breather just dont go or go just stop w the negative the movie isnt even out N apparently this proves people are seeing it so your in the minority!

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