Comments for Foolish mortals can “ride” the Haunted Mansion with no FastPass

haunted mansion poster

Credit: Vince Dorse


  1. Harley

    This is very well done but this is wdw mansion not dl bc hattie isnt here and why do people forget little leota weather art or merch but you wouldnt hurry back and remember hm if it wasnt for our fav banshee at the end!? Its weird!
    But still love the piece.

    1. DD

      What did you say?

      1. L

        yeah, i ask this a lot…

      2. Mark

        If you can not understand what she said which is plain english and showing true love for every character of the mansion. Or every story or knowing things via their acronym your not a hm fan if you do not know your characters nor a true disney fan if you can not figure out acronyms there the lifeline of the theme parks! Every real fan knows this!

        1. Melanie Durham

          It’s not the acronyms, it’s the run on sentences! The bad spelling! I told Harley this before! No one can understand what the heck she’s saying! I am a die hard Disney fan and it doesn’t take an acronym or cutting off the word to be one! SMDH!

  2. DD

    I love this!!! Can I buy it? I need this on my wall. I really just tried to look for it online to buy.

  3. Traci

    Are reprints for sale? Or just the original creation on display

  4. Melanie Durham

    I love this! I would love to buy this as well! ?

  5. Mark

    Actually melanine your not a true fan of the parks bc you would then know its quite diffucilt to get around wo them cms prefer them and thats how they talk to each other etc. You truly think when the ride is down they are radioing the ride in by its full name etc wow educate yourself before complaining!!!!
    Your def fan not a park person you wouldnt insult others if you were… its also a freakin comment board not a english exam and maybe i do not know people have lives and she had to comment quick and didnt know a grammar natzi was attached to a freakin comment board!!!!! Get a life!!!

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