Comments for President Trump heading to Disney World for Republican Party event

Walt Disney World grand floridian

Credit: Disney


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    Ken Dawson

    What would be the cost !
    We stayed there on 9/11 and still have our tickets for that day !
    We love Trump and live in Naples Florida .

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    Have been trying to get reservations for that weekend.. Cannot find a room available on property.. Now I know why…

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      the new star wars ride is also opening that weekend

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    The American disease is spreading to some of our most precious organs #theculling

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      Everyone is free to be pro whoever they want. I just don’t get why Disney had to host anything for any political party. It just inconveniences millions of visitors & residents. Plus, … it’s Disney and getting involved in politics goes against the magic they’re saying they want to be known for lol.

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    I thought Disney was no politics. You lost another guest.

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